Slim or Starve?

In the United States, slim people have a lot of privilege.  People think slim people work harder, attractive, and interesting whereas chubby people are lazy, unattractive, and dull. 


There are tons of the diet ads.  These ads say, “fat people are unattractive, so people should go on a diet.” 



For instance, the ad above states, “ugly fat.” 


Not only diet ads but other ads also reinforce the notion that fat people are unattractive.


Why do people equate fat with ugly?  It is true that being overweight is unhealthy, but it doesn’t mean that they are ugly. 


Many people starve to be slim, but I’d rather eat than starve.  What do you think?


4 Responses to “Slim or Starve?”

  1. It’s kind of a fallacy to say that to be thin you have to starve. I think that most thin people are just naturally thin. A small, small percentage of thin people do it by starving themselves but most of those who have to work to be thin, do it with lots of excersize and a consciencious, though not necessarily ascetic, diet. The diet industry has a large stake in telling people that they have to starve themselves to lose weight so that they can sell people low calorie crap with no nutritional value, like Diet Coke.

    Beauty ideals are difficult to argue about, but who wants to be with someone who is unhealthy? I’m sure that once peak oil production in the world collapses, bringing the global economy to its knees and people are farming their back yards and traffic medians just to get a few sweet potatos, chubby girls are going to start to look pretty damned cute. Things change. My advise is to enjoy life anyway you can. If you’re worried about looking sexy and desirable, take up swiming or running and learn to love fruits, vegetables, fish, and chicken. If that doesn’t work, find a dude who loves plus-sized ladies (or another chick if you swing that way). If you can’t find one, become an artist or a poet or a musician or something. I hear that loneliness is good for that stuff.

    Just don’t ever drink Diet Coke. There’s something wrong with a beverage that can double as an engine degreaser.

  2. I don’t think being fat makes you ugly, companies just place ads like that so people feel they need this product to remove their “ugliness,” most times the product not even working, contributing to lower self esteem, etc. I see a lot of overweight people with nice features, and a lot of slim people with unattractive ones. I never really thought about it, but I’m sure jklarson is right about most thin people being naturally thin. Life really is too short to get caught up in all of that, but when it’s being thrown at you from all directions, it’s rather hard.

  3. japaneseperson Says:

    hell, ive been skinny my whole life and it hasnt be the greatest thing ever. maybe its because i’m male and society pushes different things for different genders like how men should be super thick and muscular and women should be thin and slender. It is true that heredity plays a big part in how your body will be but i dont like how some people complain about being fat and do nothing to change it. i also agree with jklarson in that if someone is healthy yet big its better than a starving chick that looks thin.

  4. I disagree that fat = ugly, I think that they are two completely separate adjectives and they need to be looked at separately.

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