Most Offensive Fashion Ads!

Here are some ads that have been called, for obvious reasons, highly offensive. Some people in the fashion world say that they aren’t intending the negative stereotypes or anything and that the problem is the sensitivity of everyone and society about these racist or gender stereotypes. I think these ads are pretty offensive. The Dolce and Gabana and United Colors of Beneton may have argueable points for not being offensive. I can see that maybe the woman in the Dolce ad isn’t supposed to be looking like a victim, that’s more of our automatic connections. Maybe she is the lucky one who lured all the boys there and can have more than one- which is actually more empowering then having one man surrounded by female models. They male models are usually just accesories so they are just setting up a scene. Plus, ads aren’t real, right? However, do you think they affect people- inspire racism and prejudice? Comment and say what you think about whether these ads are offensive or not and how we should stop them or if we should..


3 Responses to “Most Offensive Fashion Ads!”

  1. Every time I’ve seen these kinds of ads, I always feel that the people who created these ads know that many of the viewers would be offended. They just want to reinforce that men are supposed to have power over women, and whites are superior than non-whites. I really hate these ads.

  2. yeah, they probably want the publicity and attention and shock factor just to get people to notice the brand. I also think it may almost be a mockery- the people in fashion and advertising aren’t that out of the loop, they are usually pretty sophisticated and progressive so it seems like they just do this as a big joke type thing, as if everyone in their world knows that but all the little dumb others beleive it and are all shaken up by it.

  3. I think it’s that kind of publicity that they want, the kind where someone takes a look at it at first and looks away, and then realizes later that “Oh my god, those women looked like they were taking cocaine.” Or the racist one, with the white man with all the black men looking as if they are about to run a marathon, however they also look like they could be kneeling to the white man.

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