I’m Soo Deep

Who doesn’t like seeming like an intellectual? its whats hot right now. especially on this blog, people will go out of their way to drop knowledge.  you think youre so deep? not as deep as BEAU SIA! and me.


32 Responses to “I’m Soo Deep”

  1. This made me laugh. I think you nailed me. Beau Sia is the man.

  2. im so deep, i can find the corndog in the platinum-wrapped single, of your mind.

  3. japaneseperson Says:

    im so deep 3 is 4.

  4. Since I’m not so deep, most of the things he says do not make sense to me… But I got that he was deep. I believe him.

  5. Are you joking? His poem is satiric. hes making fun of the fact that many times people try to seem “soo deep.”

  6. I’m so deep, I walk with a snorkle. I shovel my way out of bed in the morning. My thoughts are like pudding.

  7. HAHAHAHA this was awesome. He definetly nailed it.
    I’m curious as to find out your intention on categorizing this post under ‘Plastic’.
    Could the reason why you categorized this as Plastic be that it is due to your perspective on how the society is?
    How so many people try to be “deep” (smart/wise) when in actuality they are not? To make fun of the very nature of the society that tries to be above what they actually are, and try to be someone they are not?

    Or did you categorize this under plastic because

    You are so deep?
    : – ]
    great video here

  8. fngrnailtree Says:

    no shit. its called blogging. which means average geeks, or opinionated women that finally find a vent that lets them express their inner most thoughts, and feel that the world is that much better because of it, thus posting it to potentially be reached by millions, but usually isnt.

  9. kinda like what youre doing right, fngrnailtree?
    so are you an average geek or opinionated women?

  10. fngrnailtree Says:

    neither. im a college student earning a grade (:

  11. not a very good grade im guessing. with short off topic comments like these.

  12. fngrnailtree Says:

    “Who doesn’t like seeming like an intellectual? its whats hot right now. especially on this blog, people will go out of their way to drop knowledge.”

    my response was to this comment. either you didn’t read the prompt, or you don’t know what you’re talking about. people going out of their way to sound intelligent = blogging. that was my statement, and just because you don’t agree with it, doesn’t mean its off topic.

  13. i get your point. i guess i was wrong to say it was off topic. just short. but youre saying this blog is unnecessary when you yourself admitted its just for a grade. so it is somewhat necessary. if its necessary youre not really going out of your way. you sure youre still not an average geek or opinionated woman? cause youre balls deep in this argument.

  14. fngrnailtree Says:

    if its my briefness you have a beef with, then i will impart this cliche: less is more. i said my opinion on this piece. i didnt flourish it with fancy diction, or attempt to impress my “audience” with witty prose. my post had purpose and i delivered. let me point out that the two posts before our discussion, were shorter than mine combined.

    oh its not necessary at all. in the sense that my professor didn’t need to assign blogging to our class. sure its a hands on way to learn about the cyber community, or at least a part of it, but is it really necessary? to survival? to existence? even for the curriculum, necessity is a bit of a stretch. i’m more than positive another assignment could replace the one my class was given, and the balance between control and chaos, good and evil, etc., would not be upset. (i mean i can’t imagine a time where people survived without blogs or the internet..oh wait…) so what IS ‘necessary’? “necessary” is a relative term, of which we evidently interpret differently. but i won’t continue on that path: it may lead us off topic.

    oh yes, and so if you are so hellbent on having me categorize myself, i will make an amendment to my previous post, and add the third option of ‘student on an assignment’.

    so in conclusion: your logic is faulty because it is based on the premise that “[the blogging assignment] is somewhat necessary”.

  15. dude. its is somewhat necessary. sure, not in the crazy basic human needs way youre talking about, but we are paying college students, so were in college to get good grades, so it is somewhat necessary to post to this blog for those grades. yes posting on blogs for nothing except dropping knowledge is unecessary. but i was talking about this one.

    and i wasnt saying that youre comments werent intelligent. short and sweet i get it. i just figured that since this was homework youd need more meat in a comment than that. i could be wrong, maybe this teacher doesnt need all the fluff.

    we probably wont ever see eye to eye or at least admit that we do. maybe we should just call each other fags.

  16. fngrnailtree Says:

    that would be more gratifying wouldn’t it?

    more faulty logic: “…were in college to get good grades, so it is somewhat necessary to post to this blog for those grades.”

    its not necessary to do this assignment. i could take the zero. its always an option, and it may or may not affect my chances of a “good grade”. you nor i can prove the weight of that.

    tho i would speak for yourself as to why we’re in college, or at least not for me. im aiming for a passing grade, which is different than a good grade, at least by my standard. i just plan on passing, and this assignment isn’t a requirement for that to happen.

    now, IF it was necessary for my professor to assign this, and IF the assignment were necessary for a good grade, and IF i were attempting at obtaining a good grade, THEN and only then would you be accurate in saying that “its is somewhat necessary”.

    you’re right on one thing: we won’t agree.
    so yes, im done, unless you care to bring up something that completely misrepresents me or my intentions.

    oh and by the way, i never claimed my comment to be intellectual- just opinionated. you don’t need to be smart to have an opinion.

  17. you need to take a look at what your goals are to find whats necessary. you have to post some comments for a passing grade. so posting is necessary if your goal is a passing grade. if you have no goals then nothing is necessary.

  18. fngrnailtree Says:

    a passing grade in the class.
    not a passing grade on the assignment.
    my goals are my personal business.
    as are my reasons for being in college.

  19. “neither. im a college student earning a grade (:”

    youre saying right here that youre leaving comments to earn a grade. im guessing you meant youre leaving comments to earn a passing grade in the class. in other words youre saying that you do need to leave some comments to pass this class, even if you arent passing the assignment.

  20. fngrnailtree Says:

    when you assume you make an ass of u..
    i don’t know how to dumb this down more:
    fact: by posting, i am earning a passing grade on the assignment.
    fact: one could opt out of doing this assignment.
    fact: the assignment is NOT required for one to get a passing grade in the class.
    fact: i want at least a passing grade.

    it is NOT necessary for one to do the assignment in order to earn a passing grade in the class, BUT I AM DOING THE ASSIGNMENT ANYWAY.

    i think this is what you fail to grasp. i am posting although it is not necessary. i could hypothetically not post, and have my good grade fall to a passing grade. (that being the extreme negative affect, tho i can’t calculate the actual deductions significance.)

    you take an odd stance tho. if i were you, i would have argued that if posting isn’t necessary, then what is the point? don’t post. i think that would have shut me up quicker.

  21. shut you up quicker? at least youll admit ill eventually shut you up. you cant calculate the actual deductions significance? then how the fuck do you know that you dont need this for a passing grade?

    and yes i already made the point about you being an average geek or opinionated women who is unecessarily posting just to drop knowledge. thats when you changed your argument and said you were posting for grades. that was my first comment to you. but it didnt shut you up.

  22. fngrnailtree Says:

    i can’t calculate the actual exactly. roughly enough to tell you that its not necessary.

    i never changed my argument. the nature of the post is different between someone talking for the sake of talking, and one talking for the sake of a teacher. the prompt was about dropping knowledge. mine is about a grade. i even said i never claimed my original post intelligent. thus i didnt identify myself with the two subcategories for those in the category of posting for the sake of dropping knowledge.
    plus, you asked me two questions, how is that logically suppose to shut me up? and even if you claim them rhetoric, your paralanguage isn’t conveyed through text, and i interpreted them as legit questions.

  23. if you are posting comments for the sake of a grade then its obvious that you want to improve your current grade. thus your goal in posting is to improve your grade. can you agree with that?

  24. fngrnailtree Says:

    not quite. its not to improve it.

  25. if its not to improve it then what does im a college student earning a grade mean?

  26. to maintain your grade?

  27. fngrnailtree Says:

    it means im earning a grade..

    “fact: by posting, i am earning a passing grade on the assignment.”
    but it is not necessary in order for me to pass the class.
    i am aiming for a passing grade in the class, not a passing grade on the assignment.

  28. so you need to post for a passing grade in the class?

  29. yes i win. im the man. the deepest. worlds greatest like r kelly. fuck you fngrnailtree

  30. fngrnailtree Says:

    “fact: the assignment is NOT required for one to get a passing grade in the class.”


  31. well then your goal is to better or at least maintain your grade. which means to reach your goal its necessary to post.


  32. That made me laugh.

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