Can we still trust the photos?

According to some articles, the picture below has photoshopped. 


They say that Britney in the pic is thinner than she is.  Yes, if someone tells me that, and I pay more attention to her arms in the mirrors, I can see what they say is probably true. 

I found another photoshopped pic.

If no one told me that this pic had photoshopped, I would probably think the hand on her shoulder is a hand of a ghost.

Now I’m not sure which images haven’t be fixed.  Can we still trust the photos?



4 Responses to “Can we still trust the photos?”

  1. Haha, this is cool. Where did you find this? If there was a whole website detected to these pictures it would be worth a look.

  2. I think most celebrity photos have been photoshopped or altered in some way. There’s just no way they’re that completely flawless all the time. It’s really hard to trust anything now ways. Tabloids are always making fake pictures that realistic enough to the human eye. Not only do they alter celebrities to look better, some add extra cellulite and bags under the eyes, and put captions about some star’s cocaine or bulimia problem, or spotted at a beach smooching some random guy. All trash filtering in and filtering out.

  3. Alterations of images is a rampant practice in print media, whether it be tabloid magazines or advertisement. It is almost expected that any images you see in the front cover of a magazine have been photoshopped.

  4. I’m sure that all the pictures in the media are photoshopped, I also expect that all the pictures of celebrities in magazines are altered in some way to make the celebrity appear more ‘perfect’ in a sense.

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