The names Christmas…

This is a parody of Quantum of Solace and Dumb And Dumber. I think it takes a lot of talent to put two films together and make a vid like this. You need to know both films in and out so you know where each film fits best together.

This is Robocop vs. Arnie vs. Predator

This is just hilarious. An army of Terminators vs and Army of Robocops in the end.


One Response to “The names Christmas…”

  1. hypercritical808 Says:

    wow, that reminds me of that spongebob deathnote episode we saw in class.

    You’re right, it doesn’t take a big expensive production firm to make great movies. You don’t even need actors, or fancy software.

    Down to the core, films are ways to tell stories. As long as you have the “moving pictures” concept down and a good story, you’re set as a good film producer.

    To act things out or make a spoof of a movie shows a little more effort on your creative side.


    Waldo Ultimatum

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