The gay issue… again


A friend of mine took this picture at a gay rights rally in LA.  I can’t believe this is still even an issue today…  Seriously… 2008 people.  Its time to stop discriminating.

More than anything, I am tired of blogging about issues that seem so common sense to me.  I am starting to realize I am close minded in my open mindedness.  I just cannot comprehend how anyone would not want equal rights for all.


3 Responses to “The gay issue… again”

  1. There’s one crucial flaw in your logical approach to this social problem: You can never outsmart a moron. They’re not thinking. They’ve sold their conscience and accountability to televangelists for that little warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you believe that you’re better than other people. In the Bible they called these pieces of garbage “Pharisees”, and Jesus told them they were all damned. There’s a special place in hell for anyone who makes a conscious choice to restrict the rights, freedoms, or happiness of another person and blames it on God. They are commiting a terrible fraud in the name of Jesus and spiritually, they will pay dearly for it.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more! I hope everyone will be able to see that nothing wrong with the same-sex marriage before we know it.

  3. I agree too. I think that -hopefully- one day we will stop discriminating against others and co-exist in harmony; however I don’t think that day will come for a while now.

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