Super Mario Frustration

Into the player’s mind…

Commentary is fun to listen to


7 Responses to “Super Mario Frustration”

  1. alamoluck007 Says:

    haha i love these things the asshole mario stages are the bomb! nintendo needs to get their head out of their ass’ and realize the side scroller games were the bomb and start making more…

  2. ccrilveria Says:

    Lol, that must be the super elite level.

  3. omg.. hahah that brought back so many memories.. and the commentary was fricken awesome.. it made it even better cuz i know even when i was little i use to say the exact same thing.. minus the swearing.. but all those stupid invisible blocks always bothered the hell outta me.. ahhhhhh good times.

  4. lol, I loved the part “Goomba, Fuck you” and the rest later on.
    Adding commentary though I have to admit, adds a WHOLE another dimension when watching videos. Depending on what is showing, it can lighten or darken the mood of the current action.

  5. There’s something that’s just timelessly funny about the arbitrary frustration of a person who isn’t me. For some sick reason I really want to play that now.

  6. This is the new entertainment! Haha this was hilarious. The great thing about this is we are watching a guy play a game!! His commentary is classic.

  7. mischief monster Says:

    this is too funny. i am impressed the incredible determination this guy has. i also realize that what i find entertaining about video games is other peoples’ frustration.

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