Spray more…

This has to be one of my favorite axe commercials. What does it tell us as a consumer? Use Axe body spray and hot, nearly naked women will come from all over to find you. What they do with you, when they finally arive is another question. i like to pretend that the guy got squished to death in the commercial. Lucky fella…


2 Responses to “Spray more…”

  1. japaneseperson Says:

    yup classic advertisement strategy. i know as a kid i bought axe cause of their commercials.

  2. Axe is under the parent company, Unilever. This has always been a controversial brand due to numerous issues. First, they have been labeled as inappropriate supporters for sex. In every commercial, they are basically trying to tell their audience that if they buy their product, it will get them in the bed. Another issue besides the explicit nature of their commercial are the people they use. The typical character getting ‘attacked’ by women is white, in shape, and good looking. How many times have you seen an average Joe-type person run this campaign? Almost never.

    The commercials seem to work for having last so long but the explicitness of their commercials should be accounted for.

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