So what if the carpet is red?

The red carpet represents Hollywood. It is the welcoming mat for the VIP. More recently it has been about showing off fashion. Many of the celebrities who walk on the red carpet are judged by how they dress. The public see these special red carpet events as a guideline to what is fashionable in society today. Women and their style of dress are most notably the center of attention. If the act of walking down a red carpet was not important today, would people care what the VIP were wearing? I think not.


2 Responses to “So what if the carpet is red?”

  1. Of course people would still care what celebrities are wearing!!! The red carpet is not the only place to find fashion statements and trends. Come on, our society is addicted to our celebrities. They are American royalty. We are constantly being kept up to date with who’s wearing what in magazines, television, radio, and even in movies (ex: Sex & the City and The Devil Wears Prada”) Do you REALLY think the red carpet has that great of a affect on how we dress? I personally don’t wear a ball gown everyday.

  2. those aren’t red carpets on the bottom pictures- They are runways and runways are simply built for models to walk upon to display fashion and designs. I think it’s more about the fact that these VIP people are the very very wealthy people and the ones that designers create things for. So, if we are curious about the newest and most talent designers and highest end clothing, saying something about our trends, culture, society, then people look to the so called “red carpet” where celebrities, knowing they are attending an important event and promoting themselves and all the designers, hair, makeup people they are wearing. It’s more a matter of circumstance and money I beleive. Look at New York or any city, in the newspapers, local magazines, etc. are all the socialite parties and events, listing the people they deemed important and discussing their style. This is just because the ridiculously wealthy have things the rest of us can only acheive in our imaginations- therefore this is fascinating and dreamlike to some.

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