Signs…Of Insanity???

From downright funny to stupid, here is a collection of signs from around the world. These are not your typical traffic signs. Warning: Some of these signs might cause excessive laughter.


4 Responses to “Signs…Of Insanity???”

  1. ccrilveria Says:

    lol at pics…

  2. This is so retarded that people made these signs. Im curious to see if any of them are for real…like actually used places.

  3. My buddies and me actually go hiking once a month here on Oahu and encounter some pretty funny signs such as these. But besides the funny signs, we see a lot of offensive signs as well. During a hike in Laie, we caught a neighborhood that belonged to a segregated community. I don’t know if it was a Hawaiian homestead land or if it was just a farmer’s field. Anyway, there were dozens of signs at the entrance and along the driveway of this community. A lot of the signs dealt with you getting shot if you trespassed! It was creepy and threatening. A nice DO NOT ENTER sign would have sufficed. We also saw some killer signs along Kahana beach as well. I know for a fact that it was Hawaiian Homestead lands there. There’s a deep sense of protection for the lands here in Hawaii.

  4. I thought the sign with the sharp edges warning was funny as it was completely unnecessary.

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