New American Gladiators

Man, has it come to the point where we have to revive old t.v. shows in order keep entertained? Theres the American Gladiators, which seems to be doing all right and the Knight Rider show, which thankfully is getting cancelled.


2 Responses to “New American Gladiators”

  1. angielee777 Says:

    You know, even though American Gladiator is a remake, it’s good because it’s great clean entertainment. I think it was wise on the people who reaired it because it was and still is a big sucess. And to my own opinion, i think it’s just as entertaining as the old ones.

  2. japaneseperson Says:

    yeah recently ive been watching japanese game shows and its the most entertaining shows i have ever watched, far better than crap on tv here. we need more shows like them.

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