Fo’ real? Nah, fo’ fake…

How awesome is this? Check out how insane this game engine is. The detail in the environment is spectacular. See how, when the character fires his weapon, the environment (bushes) is affected. I think gaming is near the point where it can be on par with film and to some extent even better. Soon, we as an audience will not be able to destinguish what is real and what is fake. This will be a powerful tool in the media in the future. Take that recent Transformers movie. All the the Transformer characters were CGI but, while watching the film I got so lost in it that i almost believed that the Transformers were actually real. I’m not a big Transformers fan but I have to say that I enjoyed the visuals of that film. I remember, while watching a comedy show, there was a report about how Hilary Clinton went to Bosnia There was a report that while in Bosnia, Hilary Clinton came under fire from insurgents. The show put in some fake explosions in the actual footage as a gag.

I can’t help but think that this is the types of news we are going to encounter in the future where the media starts creating the news instead of reporting it. As for the new games coming out, will there come a point where reality is undestinguishable from virtual reality?


One Response to “Fo’ real? Nah, fo’ fake…”

  1. Amazing. I’m not much of a gamer, but the quality is just amazing.

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