so much amateur porn…

The World is obsessed with porn!  I agree with the many other Free Porn posts in saying that youtube has helped pioneer this surge of streaming porn. Oh, and by the way, thanks for all the free sites! Upon browsing these sites, I’ve some to notice a great number of amateur porn. I began by asking myself, why is it that people want to post videos of themselves having sex? Where did this sudden need to be seen come from. And, I came to the conclusion that youtube and all those leaked celebrity sex vids were responsible. Youtube is full of people posting personal vids of themselves. they talk about their dogs, cats, Britney, Obama, McCain, and other useless opinion that i wouldn’t care about. What most of them should do is just start taking off their clothes so that they give me a reason to listen to what they have to say. Those leaked celebrity porn vids also contributed to this trend of amateur porn. Everyone must of heard of the Paris Hilton sex tapes or even the Pam and Tom Lee tapes. Making porn and showing it on the net might make people  feel famous. This is a good example that shows how porn affects everyone. Not only do people want to watch porn but they too want to contribute to porn. I think in the future there will be no need for site where you need to pay to see porn. It is happening now , but in the future it will be completely some away with. Well that’s all i got. For those of you who want to post some porn here is a little informational vid that might help you out.


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