Tasteless Advertisement.

This recent ad by Burger King has sparked quite a bit of a controversy. The new ad takes Burger King to far flung places in the world where they did have people, who have never had a burger before, sample their new whopper burger. Burger King spent millions of dollars producing this commercial and many people fell that, that money could have been used to help food and agricultural organizations in their fight to eradicate global hunger.

What do you think? Ingenious or insensitive ad?


2 Responses to “Tasteless Advertisement.”

  1. why don’t they do some good in the world, in my opinion there wasting so much money just to make a commercial. it kind of like a reality show what they are doing. capturing peoples reaction when they don’t expect it.

  2. People are bombarded with so many ads nowadays, that companies have to be creative nowadays…at the same time, we are also living in this day and age of political correctness, which can make even the most insignificant thing controversial.
    It is amazing how little things can provoke huge reaction from people. If people are so concern, do what I do, I just don’t buy the products being sold by the company. By talking about their ad, we are giving them more publicity, which is essentially what the company wants.

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