Sucky sucky in 2008


Someone posted this photo awhile back, but I just noticed something I missed the first time around: the caption on the cover that says “She’ll long you long time! (Well, maybe)” as a teaser for “Pinay bar girl tells all.”

Isn’t this old by now?  In the 90s, it might have been funny, or at least relevant as a pop culture nod.  Now it just seems unnecessary, uninventive, and borderline racist.

What do you think?

For those who’ve never seen it, Kubrick’s immortal “Full Metal Jacket.”


5 Responses to “Sucky sucky in 2008”

  1. Maxim Magazine is entirely about objectification. For them to package and commodify a woman of color as an object of sexual fantasy, they must exotify her in terms that are easily identifiable with established stereotypes. It is part of this model’s appeal that she is something foreign. Her body becomes something meant to be colonized and plundered by the pornographic imagination of the viewer. The subordination of her sexuality through the suggestive and revealing photoshoot already titilates the viewer’s sense of male supremecy and entitelment. Add to that the cultural association of a southeast Asian prostitute with poor English and the viewer can now juxtapose himself to her in a sense of total domination.

    The question of whether or not this movie reference is “too old” becomes kind of moot in this case. The magazine editor is not trying to be clever or fresh. He’s trying to exploit the sexual and racial fantasies of his readers to make more money.

    Maxim Magazine is garbage. I’m no saint myself, I know. Stopping to think about the subjective identity of a magazine model can really ruin a good wack off session, but accepting these types of cultural and sexual exploitations as “just the way things are” has plunged this country into such a state of willful ignorance that every aspect of who we are as human beings is being packaged up and sold for someone else’s profit right in front of us.

  2. loveandletlove Says:

    Thanks for your comment jk, you’re the boss!

    One thing: I wasn’t so much suggesting that the reference was stale in terms of chronology. I just find it hard to believe they’re still falling back on it. To put an Asian girl on a cover and slap “Me love you long time” is pretty much the most unintelligent and hackneyed thing you could do. It’s something the lamest dude at the bar would try to use to pick you up. I suppose you’re right, though: no one looks to Maxim to be on the edge of things fresh and clean.

    I couldn’t agree with you more on the objectification front, but we could play “what’s wrong with this picture” all day on that cover, so I won’t even get started. I wonder, though, is it really possible to make “positive” porn that doesn’t objectify?

  3. ccrilveria Says:

    15 dolla too boku!

  4. I think that, by definition, porn has to objectify. That’s fine as long as the publisher doesn’t try to pass it off as “male culture”. Masculinity in this country gets just as objectified and screwed up by all of this crap as femininity does. The more this type of pornography tries to pass itself off as culturally valid, the more we all, men and women, are made to feel isolated and weird for being thoughtful, caring, and complex beings. There’s a great documentary called “Dreamworlds” that does a great job of showing what this kind of thing is doing to our culture. Maybe I’ll post a trailer for it and see what people think.

  5. It is a little old but its what people know and every time i hear or see something like that i cant help but crack up a little bit. I mean the reference to (me so horn, me love you long time). But i guess since there is nothing new to poke fun at the Asian community they use the same old jokes to sell a product but in some cases it works

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