Dragon Ball The Movie… Was it really necessary?

I didn’t have high hopes for this movie.. but holy shit…

Why did they have to make this movie?  Was it something that was just begging to be made or did someone out there really have a calling to make this move?  If you ask me… this should go straight to DVD.  Japan already had 17 Theater relese movies that went to straight to DVD in America… Why would we releasing a movie in theaters that should have been made for DVD.

Reminds me of the old Chinese version of the Live action Dragon Ball.  At least this one made sense… Dragon Ball is loosely based on the Chinese tale “Journey to the West – The Tale of the Monkey King.”

I personaly think that this movie looks a lot better than the american one… Even if you don’t concider the time difference.  

I believe that The Dragon Ball Series was always based on a good story line, not so much the fight scenes.. The movie on the other hand looks like it’s trying to be a Jet Lee Film.. a bad one at that.

America, we seriously are going to fuck up on this movie.  Kicker is that I’m probably going to see the Midnight Release at Dole Cannery Theater… just to complain how bad it was…


4 Responses to “Dragon Ball The Movie… Was it really necessary?”

  1. As a former DBZ avid fan i’d say this in no way resembles the cartoon series. No way i’m going to see this bull shit.

  2. hypercritical808 Says:

    The thing you have to realize with hollywood adaptations: they’re virtually never the same as the original work.

    Let’s name a couple to provide a strong evidence:

    1. Harry Potter
    2. Lemony Snicket’s a series…
    3. The golden Compass
    4. Madeline
    5. Garfield
    6. Alvin and the Chipmunks
    7. Bewitched (lord have mercy on that one)
    8. Transformers
    9. Super Mario Bros (the live action one)
    10. Final Fantasy

    I agree with you that adaptations may be miserably awful movies in which people wouldn’t give a rat’s ass to see. However, to say it’s a lack of creativity may be pushing it a little.

    Even though movie producers aren’t creating as many original works as they should be, adaptations are still considered an art form (hence the word). If an adaptation was exactly the same as the original work, where would the creativity be in THAT?

    You see, if a movie was exactly the same as the book, there would be no freedom in putting a producer’s own touch into it, thus making it his work. Another point being, can you imagine a 20 hour Harry Potter movie with a script that’s 800 pages long??

    So when you watch an adaption, don’t expect it to be exactly the same as the work it’s molded after, but rather a separate form of art.

    When I saw Speed Racer, I was a avid fan too….but instead of nitpicking on how much it wasn’t like the TV show, I saw its beauty as one of our generation’s first step to higher green screen art.

  3. ccrilveria Says:

    But, isn’t that the reason why we make movies like this? The original one is super great and it has so many fans, why not try to make a movie out of it and turn a buck? lately i’ve been seeing a lack of creativity in general in the film buisness. has it come to that point where hollywood has lost its sense of creativity, where they have to start making remakes? i understand people remaking stuff because at the time they made the orginal film technology wasn’t good enough to show their real vision of the movie. like george lucas throwing in some of that cg stuff to spice up the original starwars. my only gripe is that if people make remakes or film version of anime or comics atleast make an effort to please the audience.

  4. I agree that because of with now with remakes they are just this one to appeal for its action. And why not thats another way to sell things if not by sexuality show someone getting their ass kick to grab audiences attentions. But even if people go to see this and just leave the theater the movie makers at least made something off of it. But to be completely honest they should never of tried to make an actual movie because there is no way it can stand ground against the anime cartoon. And Goku isnt a skiny punk

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