We have to get more oil!

even if we have to grease it on our face while we

belly crawl below the wires, the trips

as we shuffle our hips through Walmart checkout lines

if we have to pour it on our streets

so overheated Mustangs roll in it like mud

if we have to walk down sidewalks breathing

shallow… quick

to lick the taste of it from off our lips

I’m gonna use the black of it to cover up my pink and

sunburned skin so Sarah Palin just might wink at me again

I need to hear her tell me how to “drill baby, drill”

we could squeegee off Exxon spill fortunes from live baby seals

we could pump a million barrels

from polar bear corpses alone

render moose fat into rifle grease, just so we can

shoot some more

our machinery, our war,

our skyscraping concrete, the airplanes in pieces and pieces

every single thing needs this

internal combustion or a graduate school thesis

our feet have become

obsolete and

I’m gonna lubricate my gears for a post industrial drag race to nowhere

I’m gonna dip my stick balls deep in sweet, sweet continental shelf petroleum pussy

I’m gonna napalm tops of palm fronds every fourth of July

look up into the smoke filled sky

and hope it all rains down

so I can slick my hair with it

shoot the crude stuff up in needles through my veins

so I’ll be rock star drained in stretch Hummer limousines

huffing gasoline just as long as I can afford it

yelling out of the window at the families on the street

We need more oil!

whatever it costs

we could sell off our dental plans, our high schools, our crops

every lake, river, swimming pool should overflow the viscosity of it

we should all sleep on waterbeds jiggling and filled with it

I want to sweat WD40

until everything I eat tastes a little like Pennzoil

‘til I slip in my own footprints on the way to the bathroom

and I piss pure flaming kerosene

I want more oil!

I want Christians and heathens to be baptized in great golden tubs full of it

I want my president to rain down fire from the sky on every country besides us that has it

and I want Sarah Palin to wink at me

while she’s doing it


One Response to “”

  1. ccrilveria Says:

    ^^^^is this a poem? pretty deep.

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