The “F” Word

its a great education video that actually helped me out learn some English vocabulary.. terrible i know. but that’s the type of society we live in today.. where we can only understand what is common to us and swearing has been dramatically influenced as our daily language.. in the end of the video it gives a horrible message by saying to use this word loudly and proudly.. i think swearing is bad.. yet i know i swear quite often.. anyone else fall guilty?


7 Responses to “The “F” Word”

  1. hahaha this made me laugh, I love the way the guy describe each situations, and sadly, it’s true.
    Also loved the fact that “sentence” was purposely misspelled in the “use of proper english” video.

  2. soweird666 Says:

    Yeah, this made me laugh too. It’s so true that all of the situations that the narrator described happens in every day life. Sentence was misspelled? I didn’t notice that.

  3. yea it really does hit us hard doesn’t it? i mean.. we all can relate to each usage of the word in one way or another.. i actually thought it was very helpful during high school english.. it really made sense to me how to use verbs and transitive verbs etc.. how horrible. lol.

  4. ya it is true we can use the f word in any situation possible

  5. hahaha that was quite funny.
    It is quite true about how we find many ways of incorporating this “f” word into sentences and it makes sense. I agree it is horrible that we can use this word so often in our daily lives.

  6. The “F” Word

    I think that it is so weird that the explicitness of the word “fuck” hasn’t dwindled down to an everyday casual term. I hear it almost everyday (I’ll admit, mostly it comes from my own doing), just enough to rank it as one of the most common used words. Despite the frequency of its use, I don’t expect to see this word become non-explicit as long as I am alive. The word “fuck” is already guilty by association. The word wears a cloak of negativity. As mentioned in the video, the word “fuck” tends to describe anger, sex, and other types of extreme emotion.

    The word “fuck” has a powerful meaning to it no matter how you interpret it. I do definitely agree it is becoming more and more of our daily language and that we can’t seem to help that. However, it shall remain as a contraband word as long as we associate it with negative connotations.

  7. herewithnoone Says:

    I actually still try not to swear in public, my friends find it weird/funny if they do hear me swear. only when im alone do i say it out loud.

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