Positive Advertisment

Positive Advertisment, it seems like two words that should never be in the same sentence. With all the crap out there these days, it’s hard to find some positie ads. Everywhere you seem to look its sex sex and more sex. Many ads use sex to sell their product. In a way it’s hard to balme them for doing so. Sex sells, period. But why?
Some ads are so graphic that it’s hard to explain to my little cousins the formality’s behind it. Of course when they see something that is not framiliar to them they ask questions. What am i supposed to say? What would you say in that situation? Maybe we should all take a step back and rechange our thinking and perceptions about what we are drawn to as consumers, because if we can change our needs then the big ad companies will have to come up with another way to sell us somthing.

The foundation for a better life is a wonderful non profit and positive asset to our society. They have a great website full of positive advertisment about morals, beliefs and inspirational stories. They make some great commercials too about sharing positive lessons. To me, they are a true example of spreading positive seeds out in the world. so check it out and pass it on…


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