Opening change by awakening with {weird]) awareness

This is an exciting era for change, and no this is not an infomercial for Obama.

We see a lot of weird news, and sometimes it’s intentionally weird to get a message across to us. Because we live in a world where murder, drunken driving, rape, babies thrown off the highway, puppies thrown over cliffs, or girls becoming prostitutes to pay for college, our humanity has decayed into not caring.

Like Goldberg said in class, we live in a world where we are afraid to confess or seek comfort from homes or churches and find morality from movies (like that rape movie clip he showed us in class).

Here are a couple of weird examples that demand a justification of change through action and ideology:

This girl is planning on selling her virginity to save net neutrality. I think I read somewhere she had as much power as a political officer in her country.

I don’t know if this is the right guy, but i remember reading about a group of people who built a boat of garbage found in the “great pacific garbage patch” and planned to sail from california to hawaii.  You may think it’s crazy, but they’re doing it to spread awareness of how much junk is in the ocean (it could even be its own set of  island that’s how much garbage there is) and by doing that, he hopes to make people think more about recycling.

Ok, i’m running out of national examples, but even the tiniest weird news can bring some kind of message to the world. In the picture above, it’s teaching japanese kids english.  Shows you what kind of world we live in when elementary school kids write like this.

While we live in a world where 5 murders, and a baby dropped from a highway is not a big deal to us and go on eating our dinners in front of TV … we have to remember that we can’t just blame someone for the bad news, and that we can make a difference/change by taking action (because they “speak louder than words” —caesar).

Point being, as film makers our goal (somehow) is to make stories that hold messages, lessons, or something to convey in order to truely benefit society …..because film is the whiteman’s medicine. And a medicine with strong enough side-effects causes strong reactions.


One Response to “Opening change by awakening with {weird]) awareness”

  1. Those things are a big deal and were considered a big deal what do you expect the planet to stop revolving and people to stop what they are doing to mourn more. I know what happened was wrong but people die evey day all over the world and there is nothing we can do to prevent it unless we develop some advanced system to look into the future and stop the crimes. It is a dark world out there but when these things happened we cannot go back and change it but we must sadly move on.

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