Nudity in Documentaries and The Girls Next Door

I was watching the TV show The Girls Next Door the other day, and that made me think about how nudity is shown on TV. In some documentaries where there’s nudity involved, they blur out both men and women’s genitalia, but they don’t blur out the butt and the women’s breasts. And yet, on shows like The Girls Next Door or Dr. 90210, everything is censored. Why is it that in documentaries, nudity is more acceptable, and yet on shows like The Girls Next Door and Dr. 90210, everything is blurred?



6 Responses to “Nudity in Documentaries and The Girls Next Door”

  1. loveandletlove Says:

    Context context context. In a show like Girls Next Door, the nudity is gratuitous. In, say, a medical documentary, however, there’s actually a reason for having nudity there.

    Nakedness doesn’t offend me in the least and I make absolutely no argument for censorship, but I can understand where the FCC and powers that be are coming from. It’s rarely NECESSARY to show nudity and most of the time, when “nudity” is on TV, it’s just to be shocking and outrageous. Nudity isn’t the problem. People don’t know how to be tasteful is all.

  2. I agree with loveandletlove. Its about what the shows purpose is. If its for “educational” purposes then it is viewed as ok. But if is just for pleasure then its not acceptable and therefore censored.

  3. Think…. documentaries are usually for educational purposes. With shows like “The Girls Next Door,” they exist simply for the sexual pleasure of perverted men. This is just another way to give (once again, the glorified “male mind”) just one more way, (as if they need it), to look at naked or near naked women. As if they don’t have enough access to porn Magazines, DVD’s Porn shops, etc…. How about showing a little more “male” skin for the heterosexual women out there? Even in the movie theaters, they routinly show a woman totally nude. Breasts etc. the whole package. But do they ever show full frontal male men nude? No. If we are lucky, really lucky, we might get a quick look at a butt. “Big F****** deal.” The parts of the body that are considered x rated are… the breasts and genitalia. On men it’s only the penis. This is never shown in film. (Only porn) What is so special out there about the male body that it’s so “taboo”, to show any of it? Could it be because of the fact that most writers, producers etc. are male? All they care about is … “Let’s be sure to have some female nudity in this movie.” There are so many movies about things like….” Teenage boys exploring there sexuality”. I think it’s time we had a director say “OK, lets give the girls something to watch.” We are visual creatures too you know. We hear all the time how visual men are, well so are we women. It’s crap that every time we go to a movie with our husbands, we have to sit there and watch as our husbands get yet nother eye full. I would for once like to go to a movie with my husband and have not one single girl in it to be nude or even dressed super sexy in barely anything. Instead it would really be nice to see a movie where there is “Hot” man after “Hot” man. Things like…. ripped abs, muscular shoulders, tan body, etc. And I’m not talking about average looking men. I mean really hot, sexy, good looking men! Lets see how our men would react to such a film. They would probably be so sexually frustrated that they would have to go home and wait until there wife fell asleep, then go off and do what we all know most (single or married) men do… masturbate to porn. I guess that will be the day when we women finally see even one movie totally catered to us! Listen up writers and directors out there! You might just cash in big time on something that’s never been done in our society. How about that, “Let’s give the women of the world what we have always given men, something to look at too.” The women of the world would be thanking you!

    • “With shows like “The Girls Next Door,” they exist simply for the sexual pleasure of perverted men.”

      With all due respect Teresa, if you’ll look up the definition of “perverted” you’ll find that it refers to ideas, thoughts or actions well outside of the norm. Is there anything more normal than a man liking the sight of female nudity? I doubt it. So your accusation of perversion is completely wrong.
      I do agree the nudity on such shows is gratuitous, but the viewing of it is far from a perverse activity.

  4. loveandletlove SAID IT PERFECTLY!!!!!!

  5. Nudity in movies and shows almost always seems gratuitous to me. It usually takes me out of the story as I process, “Oh my gosh, they just showed that actor’s/actresses (blank).” I guess that works perfect for comedies, like “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” where you want the display of Peter’s…uh, peter…to be a shock, but even then it comes off as a cheap stunt. It’s particularly jarring when you are familiar with the actor/actress and think to yourself, “They didn’t need to do that.” How can it be for anything but titilation.

    On the other hand, the blurred out stuff bugs me. It calls attention to covered area, so that’s what you focus on. Now they feel the need to do it for all situations. All ages of genitalia are blurred on America’s Funniest Videos. I find myself thinking, “Good golly, it’s a little kid in the bathtub. What’s the big deal?” I even saw a infant boy’s privates blurred on a cable presentation of an R-rated horror movie. Oh, good golly!

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