Michelle Obama: Proposed Outfits

Heres a bunch of sketches from world famous designers on what they think Michelle Obama should wear to the inauguration ball. This article explains how optimistic these designers are to have a new President and see the economy rise.

Michael Kors

Diane Von Furstenberg

Do you think people are losing focus here?
What do you think?


2 Responses to “Michelle Obama: Proposed Outfits”

  1. loveandletlove Says:

    Losing focus on what exactly?

    These people design for a living, so of course they’re going to get giddy about dressing someone up. In terms of business, too, this is a major, major historical event and it’s understandable they’d all want to be the one who designed “that dress she wore.” After all, Jackie O’s fashion is still talked about today.

    This post was fun! It’s rare that all the big name designers are concentrating on the same thing, so to see all of their takes on her in one place is neat and really shows the spectrum of ideas in their world.

    The only thing I found disturbing was the sketches. I know that’s just what fashion illustration looks like but sheesh, talk about unreal body standards across the board.

  2. Not at all losing their focus. It’s gonna be a big event!

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