Disturbing new trend

I know a lot of us pirate music, movies and games from the internet, and I support your ability to benifit you. There is something to be said for the fact that you have to look after yourself, because no one else will. However when it comes to piracy my concern grows. The fact that anyone can get any music, any movie, any game for free, means we are comming to the end of an industry. These media corporations know that this is true, and continue to run campaigns against doing such things. We as future media creators are the ones that should be most worried however. The media buisness is already a hard act to crack into. Add the fact that the economy is down, and piracy becomes a huge deterant for many of us to get hired in this field of study. Now some of you may argue that you would prefer to express your art “underground”, and that it’s not about the money. To me, thats when the arts begin to die. Artists don’t make money off of their work, and are forced to pursue regular 9-5 jobs, giving up their creativity and god given talents. Its trully disturbing to think about…


3 Responses to “Disturbing new trend”

  1. the only thing that we are blind to is the opportunities in the future that are presented by the same technology that fuels such things as piracy. piracy is no threat to the population of artists.

  2. hypercritical808 Says:

    You rehashed this from another post didn’t you?

    criticisms aside, I’ll comment on your post:

    True there’s a lot of piracy. But don’t you think people will learn from this and set up some sort of strategy to get with the game? Ever think about if they’ll simply just stop making CD’s and start selling music electronicall? wooooooops they’re already doing that.

    Point being, like in the world of kungfu, where there is an attack, there is a counterattack. If people want to pirate music, the MAN is going to find ways to sell things differently, or prevent people from doing what they do.

    If you listened to the news, Obama is supporting the idea of a “cyberpolice” —not sure what they do, probably pursue virus makers, hackers and what not while pirates will be the shoplifters of the next generation.

    You are really unclear between the connection of making money and people who love making films. Yes some people dont’ care about making money when they make films….and I don’t see why they would care about making money when they love making film more.

    Here’s an example of a group of people who make comis, and short animations for fun because they love it…..you don’t see them complaining about if they make money on mainstream level:


    If you’re talking about how mainstream people like Christopher Nolan might not make money, and kill his interest in making films, you’re a little wrong in that too.

    When the Dark Knight came out in theaters, it still made truckloads of money, enough to get it 2nd place to Titanic and breaking the box office record. Sure there were pirates on the movie too, but despite that, it still made a LOT OF $$$$$$$$

    You also underestimate the power of people’s morality in this era. Often don’t you hear people say “I’ll buy the DVD if i like it, to support the people to make more of the movies i love”….and of course they’ll pirate the crappy movies that isn’t worth $10 to go to the theater for….because it’ll teach hollywood a lesson not to make crappy movies anymore and to do something better with the dough.

    You see, the points I bring out kind of counter your argument in favor if a world of pirating. Not saying i’m for it, but rather that we can still live in the world with people doing something about it.

    Ok, i schooled you. Now why don’t you or anyone else counter argue my stuff for the sake of points or getting a “response” down, k?

    • alamoluck007 Says:

      haha all excelent and valid points. Actually this is one of my last responses so thats probably why you recognized it. Dont get me wrong i pirate as well and i think its awesome because i dont have to buys shit. I guess what I was tryin to say there is some bad news to stealing these forms of media and not creditting the artists. I think the Dark Knight did well because there still isn’t enough people who know how to download movies for free. I think it will become an everyday thing, and the government will have to intervene even more, and taxes will go up as a result, and artists will cry in the street foul play, while others will scream they dont care they do it for the love. I just see so many problem coming up. The pirating age is just beging to crystalize so its hard to tell how this will all play out. thnx for the read tho!

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