Changing Taste

As Hip-Hop and other music genres constantly change what is considered main stream.. I have a question for you, is this mainstream?

I personally love this song, and i love where hip hop is being taken. If you get a chance, samply commons new album it really is groundbracking… A sort of electronic hip-hop


3 Responses to “Changing Taste”

  1. Not to knock Common cause i like the guy, but i like the old school beats. Drums, bass guitar, vocal scratches, and a melody that bounces between two or three notes. The less elaborate the beat is the more the LYRICS stand out, which what truly makes an emcee.

  2. Common is hella dope. I caught him at Pipeline Cafe last year when he just released his Finding Forever album. I met him at an autograph signing down at diglifestyles. He’s super humble with that educated swag.

    His new album is something else though. It’s heavily produced by the Neptunes so the beats on this one are….different. His style definitely changed on this one.

    I don’t think he sold out but got into the pop genre just like Kanye.

  3. I think that music is forever changing and the movement to more of an electronic sound isn’t very surprising. Right now it is very popular in Europe.

    Theres a good flash guide to electronic that I found at

    Its a great guide that contains may examples from the many genres that exists today. It shows how closely Hip Hop and dance music are related.

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