Arby’s commercial

Ok we’ve talked about subliminal messages, and how companies try to hide something sexual to better sell their product. However, nowadays, it seems that companies have become more obvious. Here’s an example of how ridiculous these commercials are getting.


4 Responses to “Arby’s commercial”

  1. its pretty funny how that arbys signal gets erect when the guy gets excited. Also the noise it made

  2. This commercial shows is really stupid in how they try to use sexuality to try to sell this item. I guess this would be under a “food porn.” I starts off as if they are going to have sex but instead its a food commercial, but it grabs your attention and it is funny so it did its job of making you watch a pretty useless commercial and wasting time in your life. Plus the hat looks like an erect penis.

  3. I didn’t know that the commercial has sexual connotation in it until you pointed out. But now I can see why you said that.

  4. That was really funny and creative, it was funny how they made it relate to sex and how it could be so easliy interpreted. But at the same time it is not harmful of objectifies a gender.

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