Advertising needs a Boost

Why does it seem that people waste their time and money ordering products from paid advertising on television? Are people truly convinced that what they see on T.V actually works, or are viewers being victims of these useless media promotions. I realized that people are so drawn to these phony ads, like weight loss products, because most of society lacks personal security and a lot Americans depend on this things to help them feel more satisfied.

In my opinion these ads are not compelling at all, they lack so much integrity and depth that most times it forces people to second guess if anything thats put on television is legit. It disturbs me to see continuous T.V commercial space gone wasted for promotions which are basically brainwashing  people. People have become so manipulated by these causes, that we just don’t know what‘s real anymore, and advertising has become so predictable lately.

It appears most advertising companies are gaining confidence in their products because of the use of celebrities in their productions. I believe these are just schemes designed to create more attention and a way to boost more sales. So evidently these companies assume that the public will put their trust in these celebrities, and truly consider whatever their promoting is for real.

I actually realized that the media industry has grown into this extremely stale and tacky phase.  Their ways of attracting consumers is pretty much practical, they need to understand that people are not phased by these bogus products which all sound the same.  All these advertisements, promotions are just competing against each other to see who’s product is capable of sucking in more consumers.  Today, the phrase “satisfaction is guaranteed” are just words, and no one is willing to accept these promises because they don’t offer any assurance. They only way that people are going to surrender to these false gimmicks, is if society pressures themselves enough to do so.

Society needs to stay strong, and not allow themselves to be distracted by these false advertisements that share no significant purpose. Catchy phrases and uncreative productions are getting pretty old, and these commercials are becoming more amusing than encouraging.


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