When Mainstream’s not enough, make your own fun!

These days with a bunch of Re-runs or another poorly-made-movie-playing-5-hours-of-vidgames-is-better, people become bored with the Mainstrem crap they get from the media’s entertainment and make their own fun.

Sure they might not make as much money as first, or become Hollywood producers like Peter Jackson, but what counts is that they have fun.

Whether if it’s fanfiction to fan-art, maybe this generation of lackign creativity in mainstream sparks a need for personal entertainment which could lead to developign talent and jobs.

I thought this was a fun comic anyone could have done, but no one took the initiative to post:

Have you heard of the story of Japanese Simpsons? This girl, who made a fan pic of manga-nized simpsons got hired by Matt Groening (simpsons creator) and gave her a job of a lifetime. And it all started out with a drawing she did in her free time because she “couldn’t find anything good on TV”

As film makers, it’s our job to realize that we don’t need expensive cameras, or editing programs to make a good movie. Down to its core, a film’s job is to tell a good story.

In the world we live in now, anything is possible. Obama is from Hawaii and he became president, a man gave birth to a baby (even though he’s a trans), The Dark Knight is nominated for an Oscar…..point is, this is an exciting age, where anything can happen as long as you put in enough effort.

Getting tired of playing Smash Bros with my cousins for countless hours, or watching reruns of Spongebob or Friends … I did something I didn’t think I would ever find myself doing (because I wasn’t the kind of person to do this) :::: mindlessly surf youtube for any fun videos. But I ended up finding a very-well crafted story of Super mario in the form of Dragon Ball Z:

To sum it up, don’t waste your time watching TV if nothing’s on cause the writers on the mainland don’t know any good stories to write or keep rehashing us overused stories, or show us reruns of Spongebob; make your own fun, and do something with your life and it will pay off.

Maybe one day you’ll get to be Seth MacFlarne’s successor?

Discuss, wouldn’t you agree that there’s hidden talent in all of us? Can you find examples of people who aren’t in Hollywood but make it pretty big in things like Youtube or art communities?


2 Responses to “When Mainstream’s not enough, make your own fun!”

  1. I have noticed this and actually big named stars like Nicholas Cage, Harrison Ford and others do commercial like work in countries like China, and Japan which we would never see because they totally make them look like clowns but of course there is hidden talent in the world awaiting to be undiscovered and there are many people in Hollywood that because of their contracts they are held captive to certain creative controls. But for example one person who is very talented is Cris Crocker

  2. Well as for youtube, the people that made machinema actually are respected world wide for what they did.
    Same for all the super hard mario remakes out there.
    As for being talented, I do agree that each of us have a hidden talent, either exposed already, or still remaining dormant. In a way haha it’s like a super hero power..but yea a person just has to find and bring out that talent, and put it to use.

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