Wheel of fortune Oops

I know that the show “South Park” involves many racial comments and stereotypes, especially when they have the canadian characters involved in their episodes. But I was watching this one scene from the show and I don’t even know how to respond to this one:

So, umm… I don’t know… was it funny, but I mean we all seen it coming right?

Yeah, but the one thing i like about this show is that its creators show us that this is what society has come to. This show, at times, portray what our culture has come to be. Racist, stereotypes, use of vulgar, corruption… all true. We live in this evil world… what can we do?


15 Responses to “Wheel of fortune Oops”

  1. It was funny. Shows like South Park are good as long as they keep making us laugh at the issues that we, at many times, take too seriously. Satire, when used well, can be more powerful than just directly stating your point. And with South Park, the creators have found the formula for expressing their opinions through their satiric cartoon.

  2. angielee777 Says:

    i understand how it does make us laugh at serious issues but it’s just seems uncool for those who have been victimized by racism…my question would be for south park creators, who are their audience…to the general public that hasn’t been affected by racism, rape, death, or pain?

  3. alamoluck007 Says:

    One of the best moments in South Park. It was a great scene because they showed you how people think, because you were in Mr. Marsh’s shoes thinking “yeah like why would wheel of fortune put ‘niggers’ as the answer to people who annoy you” Then they show you it was naggers, and you were like “oh damn! naggers, i didnt see that one coming…” makes me think i might be a little racist myself…

  4. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    Holy shit Alamo thanks for that wonderful insight. I’ve always wondered why it was funny, and then you came and totally broke it down! I can rest easy tonight!

  5. alamoluck007 Says:

    yeah I get your sarcasm astranger, but sometimes we can loose sight of the simple comedy in such a complicated situation. We tend to look at the huge overall message, rather than breakdown these ideas we see. It’s a sign our generation is kind of weak at building on intricate facts and small symbols. I am glad that you picked up on all those things i mentioned. I think south park is lacking those small symbols in their work today. They kind of got lazy and started to just make shows on big pictures, rather than giving us a big message with small subtle bits of interwoven comedy. To do that is much more difficult.

  6. tigerlilly22 Says:

    actually south park episodes have pretty significant messages in them. each episode shows stupid shit that people do all the time and usually kyle or stan see the really picture. the shows hillarious.

  7. alamoluck007 Says:

    oh yeah they are and thats what i love about southpark. but these new episodes dont mix the message with the comedy. Like this season has two episodes about real hamsters wearing clothes with no underlying message. I was like what? Its just stupid. Some episodes like good times with weapons were really funny and had just a little message. The new southpark with obama and mccain was another stupid one because it got too preachy. There is one episode of south park called cartoon wars part2 where the creators of south park refrence the fact that even though family guy has stupid humor south park can get too preachy at times (its the scene where the gas station man is talking to kyle).

  8. dylonspithotfiya Says:

    South park is an amazing show. I love controversial shows. I mean how do we expect to forward as a nation then without realizing the issues happening around us, and what better way to educate then comedy. South park really hits the head on several issues, often playing with the intellectual competence of the majority of our nation and their ignorance.

  9. I must agree in that the creators of South Park are very clever. The fact that they decided to use cartoons instead of real actors for this show proves that. The issue here is not that South Park is or isn’t a “brilliant, amazing, funny, witty” show, but rather is this kind of humor right and is it right to indulge in it because it “keeps us laughing at issues we take too seriously”?

    I think the decision to make South Park a cartoon was a strategic one in getting their “message” across. The use of “unreal” characters desensitizes us to the issues that it presents. All of a sudden it’s okay to laugh at Indiana Jones getting raped (diff. episode), I didn’t hear any laughing when Edward Norton got raped in American History X. We’re desensitized to the issue here by the way the issue is delivered – this time via cartoon and witty remarks.

    I agree with angielee777 in that it’s uncool for people who are victimized by these kinds of things like rape and racism (just to name a few). People, we’re laughing at their expense! It’s a bummer that this is what we as a society have come to. Have we lost sense of what’s right and wrong? Where does the line get drawn? At what point does a serious issue need to be taken lightly? And who decides that?

  10. ccrilveria Says:

    South park is controversial, but what are we doing to tackle the issue that arise in the show. It isn’t enough to just be brought to attention to them. We all laugh at how South Park makes fun of these serious issues and yet they we do nothing.

  11. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    It’s just like Matt and Trey said when they first started the show, either everything can be make fun of, or nothing can. You can’t make exceptions to certain groups, because it’s a slippery slope. Isaac Hayes learned that the hard way

  12. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    Petros- You can’t compare American History to South Park. The contextual situations are completely different.

  13. alamoluck007 Says:

    petros you dont draw a line anywhere… whenever you see a line you blow that shit up. Thats the point of southpark. They got to get back to being dick as fuck, just tearin up issues. Recently they have been tackling pussy issues i have to say (last 4 episodes: Twilight/vampire related, two fuckin stupid gerbal episodes about nothing, and one about “Highschool musical”). And the way they handled the elction was weak(oceans 13???? wat the fuck was that?) I think stone needs to get his ass back in the writting room with trey, cause trey by himself writting just sucks ass.

  14. alamo, are you seriously looking to south park to save the world? you still gotta remember its just a cartoon. I really think Matt and Trey just make episodes based on whats relevant to their audience. The topics dont have to be ground-breakingly controversial.

  15. South Park has been around for a while now and this is the reason why! The controversial topics mixed with sensitive people can definitely stir up an audience. I’m just curious to know why this trend has lasted so long? I mean if people keep on getting offended by this why are they not putting a stop to it? I honestly did have a phase where I enjoyed South Park for their humor and storylines. But then I grew away from it. Some issues were just too much. In particular religious and racist jokes don’t really fill my cup. Chef even left the show after they mocked his religion! What does that say about the creators?!

    Despite this, the South Park train never seems like it will crash. Doesn’t anyone this these creators sell themselves out? You ever wonder if they felt like they changed the world in the end? I do and I think they’ll have some remorse while wiping their tears with their money.

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