Re: Remade songs (Medium Mission)

The Original song by the Police called “Every Breath You Take” released in1983.

The beat was sampled by Puff Daddy in 1997 to make the hip-hop song “I’ll be Missing You” in dedication to Notorious BIG.

The song was covered by UB40 for the 50 First Dates Soundtrack in 2004.


One Response to “Re: Remade songs (Medium Mission)”

  1. Diddy “King of Sampling” Combs.

    Diddy is definitely riding off the success of Biggie way back in 95′. I think that all the music he has compiled since then has been over hyped and extremely hallow for the music industry. His career sky rocketed over the “I’ll be Missing You” track but his overall appeal is weak. I don’t see what society thinks Diddy is doing right. I enjoy some pop music. Kanye went pop (I’m feeling that 808’s to Heartbreaks album) but Diddy pop is just sell-out music. Beats for bucks in my opinion. Michael Jackson will forever cement what pop should be.

    This is a great song by the way. POLICE>DIDDY any day.

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