Rapping Truth

This is true hip hop right here. I feel when rappers talk about the true complications in our society today, they really express themselves and make beautiful tracks that incorporate their emotions throughout.

BUT BEWARE, majority is only found in the underground.

the most impressive part of this song, is who is rapping. Any more examples of artists like Brotha Ali and Eminem, going against the stereotype of their music genre?


One Response to “Rapping Truth”

  1. I totally support the underground scene for their raw sound and content. Its not glamorized or painfully exploited. However, the term ‘underground’ can be so overrated. There’s a definite difference in sound when comparing it to mainstream but I think they share the same root of creating music. A lot of mainstream hip hop is considered to be things you can dance to but that same concept exist in the underground world today as well. The term ‘underground’ shouldn’t be always associated as the “true” hip hop but rather music not heard by the masses YET.

    ‘Underground’ music gets so much hype sometimes that I think it is COMMERCIAL. Heh.

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