Plastic Surgery, how far will it go?

Everyone knows that 70% of the celebs now have and had plastic surgery done to their faces or body.  But how far will a person go just in order to achieve a “perfect” face, or appealing body that would grab attention from the public? Why is it so important to use this method to look and *cough* feel attractive when in the end, all you’re doing is ruining your body.  I wasn’t able to find the video about that lady that had like 15 plastic surgeries or something done to her, but here are a couple of videos showing some works in plastic surgery. 

If you had the money, would you go and spend it just to maintain a better face, or to add implants to attract more guys(For the ladies).  I can understand if you get into an accident and the surgery allowed you to reclaim a part of your life, but other then using surgery for that, is it really necessary?


12 Responses to “Plastic Surgery, how far will it go?”

  1. necessary for what? nothing is really necessary to live except the basic requirements for nourishment. If i had the money, i’d probably have better thigns to spend it on than my face or body.

    that said, however, our society today does seem to think that certain things are a requirement. just look at suicide rates. how many people kill themselves just because they think they’re ugly? and like you mentioned, celebrities, supposedly some of the most beautiful people, have the most plastic surgery.

    all of this shows just where our values are. people put themselves and their families into debt and even bankruptcy sometimes just to have some superficial and impermanent mod make them feel better about being themselves? shit, if that’s the case, they have bigger problems than being ugly. in probably all cases of plastic surgery (except reconstructive surgery), the money could’ve been better spent seeking some fucking counseling than some plastic surgeon. but then again, plastic surgery is big business, and who else is gonna fund that doctor’s next lamborghini or Mediterranean villa?

  2. I personally would not go get plastic surgery to mantain a face. I do agree with the point ataru91 made in the post about using plastic surgery after an accident to reclaim part of your life. It is so cool that doctors can do that now for people. But as I am looking at the faces of close family and friends who are aging, I think they are so much more beautiful than any person I have seen with plastic surgery. They are real and you can see that they are content with who they are. There is no fakeness or constant worry about aging.

  3. dylonspithotfiya Says:

    Like most things in our materialistic society today, Plastic surgery is not necessary. But then again, TV’s are not necessary, expensive cars are not necessary and so are pretty much every good we have grown to love. Nothing is really necessary except for food, water, sleep, and maybe sex.. (well not for some people but definitely for me). Plastic Surgery is just an example of something we want. But life only comes once, so why not buy/do the things you want, right? The opportunity cost of buying those implants could come at a high price, but if its necessary to you as a person then why not? We all have different things that we crave or desire, each person is different in what he/she strives for. We will always buy the things we love, but its when the media becomes the convincing factor in what we want. When the media achieves enough power to sway us into buying a new product or following a new fashion. This is when we must look back and reflect on what we really find necessary.

  4. It is the media’s job to convince us on what we should buy or strive for. Or at least it is the job that they have given themselves. If the media stopped convincing the human race that we needed all of this stuff, and humans stopped buying those things, our economy would collapse, and it would effect the whole world.

  5. Yeah definitely, people who get plastic surgery probably have some deep psychological issues, like low-self esteem, bad bodily image, etc. Perhaps they were ridiculed during high school or something and they want to leave behind that past. Maybe looking in the mirror and seeing that nose that everyone made jokes about makes that person feel shitty every day. So instead of killing themselves, they pay a bunch of money and get plastic surgery. Of course there are many other scenarios.

    It’s kind of disturbing how some girls are getting plastic surgery at such a young age. I heard about one girl that was getting a boob job as her graduation present.

  6. There may be some cases where people have really been helped by plastic surgery. I heard of a guy who had a receding chin, was deaf, and was very self conscious. He had a chin implant (it did look good) and it helped him gain self confidence when interacting with people. I will admit that it is easier to approach and interact with someone when you think you look good. There was another guy who had lost a lot of weight and had a large amount of excess skin that needed to be taken care of. In that case, plastic surgery was the only way to deal with the situation. So there are times when having plastic surgery can be helpful. But it is when people do it over and over and are never satisfied, or really don’t need it that it stops making sense.

  7. Too true. Some cases it’s a really beneficial thing for that person. But in some cases, it’s just frivolous. I guess people get addicted to bodily perfection, as a pianist may become addicted to musical perfection, a filmmaker to film perfection, or a scientist aspiring to come up with increasingly better medical technology. It’s sometimes odd what paths people choose to go down in the case of exploring their desires and sometimes psychologically off-balanced tendencies. But definitely, if it’s a one time practical deal, then it’s fine.

  8. Wow, to all the comments above…

    Everything you all had to say sounds all fine and dandy, but lets really take a look at this. Yes we live in a society that values beauty, yada yada yada, but lets get real. We as humans respond to what looks good to us and react accordingly. I would argue that many people who get “plastic” surgery are not just doing it to attract the opposite sex. There is a real desire for a change in the way they look.

    Here’s what I believe:
    Looks are predetermined. We have no control over the construction of our face and (to some extent) our bodies. Everything is determined in our DNA. But we do have control over our personalities, how we act to one another, and how we respond to the world around us. We can only control who we are. That said, the first impression anyone gets from another person is based on appearance. You can be all philosophical about it, but at the end of the day, looks really do matter. People who look a certain way are treated differently. If you don’t agree with me then how would you explain racism, genderism, and ageism? Is it really so hard to understand that anyone would want to change something about the way that they look? And what is so wrong about that? If it makes them feel better about themselves, then what is the problem? I think it is incredible that we live in an age where we can choose the way we look. Why not? If you have the money and the desire, then I say go for it. You do you.

    And really, when you think about it, how does you getting a nose job affect me? It doesn’t. Come on people, its really not that deep.

  9. Well it’s true that being make first judgments based off of appearance, but judging people by looks has never really been emphasized as being morally right. Sure, we can see first judgments playing important roles in racism and other forms of prejudice, which are all bad and pretty immoral, and humanity has spent an awful lot of time trying to undo and erase these forms of prejudice. We have no control of our construction, and maybe there’s a reason for that. We shouldn’t be reinforcing the use of first impressions based on appearance. Besides, there are more important things to be spending money on. A tummy tuck procedure can cost around 20,000 dollars. Imagine how many starving families you could feed with that kind of money? People really have their priorities mixed up. I mean, hmmm the perfect sized boobs or helping other people out that are really in need. Maybe if all that money that went to plastic surgery went to funding for cancer or AIDs, we’d have a cure by now.

  10. Ok penlead, the next time you want to spend money on makeup, clothes, shoes, jewelry, a haircut, hair products, cologne, nail polish, waxing, face cream, lotion, or any other appearance enhancing service or product, why don’t you just give it to charity. Lets see how long you’ll last. After all, looks don’t matter right? So you should have no problem living your life for function rather than fashion. And how are you helping to fund a cure for cancer and AIDs?

    Practice what you preach…

  11. alamoluck007 Says:

    hey if they want plastic surgery, i say letem have it. Why do you care what they do with there money? you think if starving kids in africa had millions of dollars they would give it away? no. so enjoy the fact u worked hard and got lucky. I for one sponser a child for less than $30 a day, but it doesnt justify me being able to get a nose job. What justifies it is the fact that its my body, my money, my decision.

  12. Well it is true that you are free to use your own money for whatever you want, but the fact that these people go so far just to look good..makes me sad..

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