Parodies: A Good Or Bad Thing?

One of the DVDs that I have is Robin Hood: Men In Tights. One day, I looked up Robin Hood: Men In Tights on Wikipedia and saw that it referenced a lot of Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves. So that made me think about why was Robin Hood: Men In Tights made if they were only going to parody Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves?

Asneeze’s name is a parody of Azeem, a character from Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves.

The bit at the end where Cary Elwes’ Robin said he can speak with an English accent was a jab at Kevin Costner’s Robin because Kevin Costner spoke with his normal voice, instead of using an accent.

It also made me think about other parodies that are out there. The first parody that came to mind was the Brains, a parody of Shoes. Brains was produced by Living Dead Girlz while Shoes was made/produced by Kelly aka Liam Sullivan.

So my point is that why is it necessary to have parodies other than to get laughs out of it?


2 Responses to “Parodies: A Good Or Bad Thing?”

  1. herewithnoone Says:

    thats all a parody is, to mock the original work and make people laugh. I love listening to weird al’s parodies of popular songs because sometimes his lyrics are more interesting to listen to than the original lyrics. I also enjoy zombie movies, and Shaun of the Dead made me laugh quite a lot. parodies may lack some creativity, but sometimes they take a situation and take it in a different direction.

  2. Mel Brooks is a genius. I wouldn’t really call it a lack of creativity to make a parody, well in Mel Brooks’ case at least. I love how he can take something with a serious context to it, and turn it into something that can’t be taken seriously anymore. For instance, Spaceballs was great to see how Mel Brooks can completely rip on Star Wars, one of the most highly celebrated movies.

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