New sports

Sports are a big part of our culture.  They come on TV, they make movies about sports events, the pros make lots of money and are idolized by millions of people.  Sports pros are used to sell things, draw crowds, and entertain people.  Because of the impact of sports has on people and the media, I thought I would aquaint all of you with a new and growing sport.  What are they?

They are e-sports.

I’m not talking about sport based games like Madden.  E-sports are video games that have transcended their existance as simple video games to become a full on spectator sport.  The best example of this phenomenon is the PC game Stercraft.  Many of the geeks out there remember starcraft.  It is a real time strategy game.  Basically you manage the mining of resources in order to build an army to overcome your opponent. What makes it interesting is how the Koreans latched on to Starcraft as a spectator sport.  This is partly because of the personalities of the players, players such as Lim Yo Hwan were innovators in mastering the mechanics of the game.  What was most important to it’s success is that it’s fun to watch and simple to learn.  You may question the entertainment value of this game, but they have filled stadiums with fans watching their favorite teams and players playing for supremacy.  The players make large amounts of money and are famous.  Although the game itself is ten years old, the fanbase is growing and there are millions of fans not only in Korea, but all around the world.

This is a farewell video to Lim yo Hwan, the most influential person of Starcraft.  I thought it was a good example of the game itself and highlighted one of it’s personalities.

Although they are few now, I believe that E-sports do have the potential to become as big around the world as traditional sports like soccer or basketball.  As people search for new ways to entertain themselves, it is the new generation who will eventually come to embrace this new form of entertainment.

What do you think?  Are E-sports the way of the future?  A trend that will eventually end?


3 Responses to “New sports”

  1. alamoluck007 Says:

    Its funny you mention Madden because ESPN now has this thing where people play the game on tv, and compete against each other travelling around the country. People watch where ever they go. It all culminates into a championship game in Times Square New York City played on the big screen for everyone to see. So yeah I think this would be a great idea. I love to watch really good people play video games it’s kinda cool.

  2. i dont think it should be called a sport. by doing that we’re reappropriating what it means to play a sport. if it were called “e-games” it would be appropriate. video games are not sports.

    we’re becoming too preoccupied with technology that it becomes transcendent to all our traditional activities.

  3. Well nowadays the term sport can be swayed to weird classifications. But the issue of if playing video games should be considered a sport…well, people are still discussing that. It does involve physical use of the body…the hands and limbs haha, but other then that and actual competition in games, regular sports have no comparison to e-games.

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