mission: Women that play FOOTBALL

This is pretty cool. A women’s Football league. Crazy! It reminded me of “A League of their Own,” because these women play while the men are on off season and they play purely out of passion and love for the sport (no salary, endorsements). It’s also really cool because it’s not like powder puff football, but same rules they use in the NFL!!!! How crazy is that.  In a blog, I read how these women are “only raw talent, emotion, and passion” and that “these are some of the most inspirational athletes you’ll find anywhere.” Yeah, these women may look or be known as a butch or masculine because they play football…playerplayer2group

But these women are from all over the country, giving all of their heart and passion into football.  cheerlineup

There’s no pay, it’s all for the enjoyment of FOOTBALL!

There seems to be no controversy with the NFL, due to it being fairly recently established and probably because they don’t care about the girls..but they’re still holding tryouts and still playing…nothing holds these ladies back.

What do you think about these ladies?  Do you support them playing this “man” sport?  Do you think this will last very long or only be sustained for a short while?


2 Responses to “mission: Women that play FOOTBALL”

  1. alamoluck007 Says:

    as a man who love football i think its great. football is the best sport ever and to have women intrested enough to want to play it is great. I see women playing football at the beach and parks more, and i smile to think how far the sport has come. I would be intrested though to see if one, just one of these women take it much more seriusly and try to train for the NFL. I think if they went through rigourus trainnning one just one could lower their speed time and bulk up enough to try out for the combine. That would be a huge success story…

  2. thats pretty intense

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