Legitimizing weed

I recently got into an argument about how it would be unnecessary to legalize weed smoking. I do agree that it would free up jail space, and that it is experimented with by every person known to man. The fact of the matter is the government itself can not give us one reason that proves weed is worse than alcohol. With that said I am going to take the road less travelled and say it serves us no point. The media to me is the reason weed is now so popular. You here it in rap songs, you see it in movies. It is everywhere! For as many people who say weed should be legalized, I have not heard one good thing it would do for our society. Gambling is legal in certain areas, and there are many people who are responsible with it. But there are reasons you can not have a balcony on your hotel in Vegas. Suicide rates are much higher, split families are much higher in places that have gambling. There is nothing good to gambling, its fun, but a small group of people get hurt, to the extent of broken families and suicides. The same can be said for marijuana. It is prove to destroy families. It is prove to have an adverse affect on those who use it. If there is anything out there that is trying to gain support to be legalized and it is prove to ruin lives I vote it down. The media needs to realize that it has an effect on our culture to the poin of which it can change mind and ideas. That is a major responsibility that it needs to maintain some restraint with.


22 Responses to “Legitimizing weed”

  1. your gonna create a flame war with this thread, and i’ll contribute to it.

    you said: “The same can be said for marijuana. It is prove to destroy families. It is prove to have an adverse affect on those who use it.”

    i’d see some legitimate sources on those “facts”. where did you hear that it destroyed families and caused suicides?

  2. alamoluck007 Says:

    im sorry you right i should have at least put some sources in my shit… here is one website i used…
    It isnt like a government website so I don’t think you can really say its another one of those government conspieracy things. These are just proven medical facts. Oh and when it says you become addicted to the drug, and that it creates a dependancy you can compare it to alchohal and gambling. The effects of the drug have a much greater negative impact on lives then do positive. If you want to legalize it i think you should prove it has a much greater positive value on life than negative. All laws should be grounded on the idea that they are there to protect us. laws against mariajauna does that. Besides I know verry few people who would recomend it to there little brother or sister, or child. If you wouldn’t recomend it why would you condone it? It’s just a hypocritical way to legitamize your own vices and sins.

  3. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    All laws should be there to protect us huh? They should be but they’re not. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the government is not infallible. You have a disturbing amount of trust in a system that led us into two baseless wars and the worst economic crisis in history.

    By the way, have you ever considered proofreading your posts? I feel like I’m on a Hanana Montana message board.

  4. alamoluck007 Says:

    yeah I think hanah Montana would beat me in a spelling contest for sure, just more proof that there is something seriously wrong with our education system when someone like me couldn’t pass grade school spelling is in college. But to get back to the subject i think you make a great point about the government being full of idiots who make wrong decisions. Laws are SUPPOSED to protect us but not all of them do. Those are called mistakes, and no system is void of them. Just because we say the goverment is full of mistakes, and negatives doesn’t mean we should use those mistakes to legitamize something. Whenever you debate with someone against weed they always bring up other wrong things that are legal example drinking. In a debate class they would teach you to not legitamize something with an illaggitamate idea. That is being hypocritical, and non-sensical…

  5. dylonspithotfiya Says:

    wow where do i begin.. hahaha. well first off cannabis contains over 25,000 known uses that our society is being ridiculed from. We would never need to cut down another tree for making paper ever again, ever. We could create bio-degradable plastics from the oils, also helping our environment. The uses just gone on and on forever.
    As for the usage of marijuana as a drug. Our society arrests or hands out citation to over 1 million “harmless” pot heads each year wasting billions of dollars housing these “criminals”. Do you have any idea the amount of cannabis users we have in the united states? Think about the billions the government could make strict taxed distribution. We are deprived of the biggest cash crop known.
    As for the damage it does to your body… What damage? I mean seriously no one has ever died from smoking weed in the history of our planet. It is less harmful then the millions of pain medications Americans abuse daily. Is it a gateway drug? Well the same can be said about alcohol and cigarettes as everyone tries them before experimenting further. Not to mention how marijuana can be used medically stimulating appetite and decreasing pain in cancer/AIDS patients, helping with glaucoma, leukemia, and epilepsy.
    Ok i admit marijuana does decrease motivation… but should that really prevent from using the most potential crop and medicine in the world?

  6. dylonspithotfiya Says:

    o ya and ummmmmm….. smoke weed everyday

  7. tigerlilly22 Says:

    I completly disagree with you saying not to legalize weed. Weed is a way better drug then some legal pain pill and shit like that. Ive seen friends of mine get hardcore into pills and its a terrible thing. Pills make people act crazy weed mainly relaxes so why shouldnt it be legal?

  8. alamoluck007 Says:

    that was a lot of things i didnt know dylonspithotfire (is that name from dave chappelle? lol) but I think that most people arguee for weed not because they want to save the planet. We should start using it to make paper and biodegradable plastics then. Thats a great point that we can use it to save the planet. However we are talking about legalizing it for recreational use. There is enough proof in my oppinion that it has a negative effect on someones mind and body. No one in the medical field can deny people abuse drugs. People take caugh syrup when they don’t need it. Why because they are selfish people who only care about effecting themselves. All of our recent presidents have openly admited to “experimenting” with drug. They do not do it anymore because they no it did nothing good for them. Yes I know crack isn’t as bad, or ice, or whatever, but where are we going to draw the line in the sand? We have to say no to some drug because next it will be trying to legalize crack, saying pot is legal why not crack? Im sure someone will come up with reasons why cracks not all that bad. By the way there is no solid proof on alchohal being a gateway drug and i don’t condone the use of it either.

  9. alamoluck007 Says:

    if mariajuana wasnt that bad would you give it to your little sister or brother? Someone needs to answer that question because the answer is no you wouldnt. It has no good effect on people trying to use it recreationally!

  10. dylonspithotfiya Says:

    I am for the strict, yes STRICT, distribution of marijuana. Just as alcohol is illegal for 21 and under, I feel the same sort of age limit should apply to marijuana as well. I mean fuck i can pick up a dub just as easier then a bottle of cap’

    This drug war is just as bad as this war in Iraq, a complete fucking failure

  11. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    dylon is probably the smartest person on this blog.

  12. meitanteibilly Says:

    I think that the biggest problem with Marijuana being illegal is the fact that it is illegal when far more addicting and harmful drugs like alcohol and tobacco are completely legal.

    I personally think that rather than drugs being illegal, all should be lgal. We should have a government entity to manufacture our own drugs. Only drugs made by this entity would be legal, and the penalties to outside drugs would be much much harsher, forcing druggies to go for government stuff. These drugs would be far weaker than the kind that people can buy now, barely enough to cause a significant high, but people would buy them anyway for two reasons: It would be far cheaper and it woul be safer to buy the legal stuff than the illegal stuff. If you ban something people want after all, they are likely to find ways to get it anyway. If you pretend to be okay with it, no matter how many regulations you slap on it, they are more likely to follow the rules. Just look at tobacco: even after the anti-tobacco movements and the taxes there are still smokers out there. And what’s more there are less smokers. They just need the option. People would still know that the stuff is bad for them, and these smart people would keep away.

    This would accomplish things. First, we would virtually eliminate the foreign drug trade to the US and this would weaken the drug cartels that cause so many problems around the world. Second, while there would be more casual users of drugs, because of increased regulation, the individual cases would be less severe and although there may be more users at first after a while the number of users would drop severely. Third the money saved from prisons and the money gained from sales could be used to do good. We could build hospitals, fix schools, and do much more good within communities.

    Screw morals, what is good in the long run is more important than short term. Species survival is more important than individual success.

  13. alamo. dylon already spit some hot fiya at you telling how it would help our economy. then you try go somewhere else with your argument saying it has no recreational benefits. Recreationally…it gets you high. which is the reason people smoke it, recreationally. Are you saying that all the positive things that marijuana does doesnt outweigh the fear you have of people smoking marijuana recreationally? As for it “screwing people up,” i guess it would be freedom of choice. A cool dude like yourself wouldnt smoke marijuana even if it were legal right? So no worries for you. Of course you wouldnt give it to young ones. there has to be an age limit on the law for users to be competent enough to use it responsibly. And health-wise, there are other ways to get THC into your system other than smoking. THC pills, lip balm, topical sprays, cooking, etc. seems like a legit argument right? or am i high?

  14. alamoluck007 Says:

    How can you be irresponsible with a perfectly safe drug like marijuana? It has no negative effect, at least thats what you keep telling me. The government only made it illegal when they were trying to cut it out of the market. If there is no bad effects why not let kids do it? Why have restraints on a safe drug no more dangerous than a can of Coca Cola? Its also impossible to understand how an economy would work if weed became legal. Sure it sounds like we would make money off of it, but it could have an adverse effect on alcohol sales, or the pharmaceutical companies. I didn’t bring the economic factor in to the argument because i am not a economist so I can not clearly say if it would be good or bad for it.

  15. dylonspithotfiya Says:

    the possibilities are endless. Cannabis has been the most utilized crop in the history our world. Why?

  16. meitanteibilly Says:

    Marijuana, while being safer than alcohol and nicotine, is still dangerous to a certain extent. You cannot OD on it, but it is not something you want to do before driving a car. And, interestingly I saw an article on how Marijuana was used to create a “truth serum” during WWII and that it was the most effective of the things they were trying.

  17. bigdickdaddy Says:

    Stop biting on my thread dude. if your so smart and have all the answers why can’t you create your own topics to post instead of taking other peoples ideas and trning them into yours. Get a life and stop being such an ass ALAMO…

    • alamoluck007 Says:

      im sorry but it was supposed to be one of my 3 responses to a thread, i just didnt title it as a response sorry dude…

      • alamoluck007 Says:

        btw way y am i an ass? these guys started this crap unprovocted by telling me
        1) i should cut my arm off
        2) my dad was a dare officer and thats the only reason i was defending this stuff
        3) I was a “FUCK”
        4) Canady compared me to Hanah Montana
        so yeah just because their jokes are shity doesnt mean i started it but ill sure as hell finish that shit talking with some real shit thats actually funny… but thanks anyway

  18. dylonspithotfiya Says:

    alamo is a fag

  19. alamoluck007 Says:

    good one dylon

  20. its pretty obvious that neither side is gonna agree with the other no matter how good their argument sounds (for either side). so since im pro-pot, alamo is a fag.

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