How to watch a film

“When cinema was invented, it was initially used to record life, like an extension of photography. It became an art when it moved away from the documentary. It was at this point that it was acknowledged as no longer a means of mirroring life, but a medium by which to intensify it.” – François Truffaut

Something I find interesting about this quote is that it assumes a documentary mirrors life.    In the case of a documentary the documentarist has an agenda and manipulates their material in a way that would best convey that agenda.  Take for instance Michael Moore, here we have a guy who thinks that Bush sucks and tries to make people think the way he does about Bush (by revealing “secret” stuff about him)…so for him, life is mirrored by his opinion or rather by the facts that we see.  I’m sure there were facts that were left out of his documentary in order for him to get his point across.  

So i ask…Is there really an accurate mirror of what life is?


One Response to “How to watch a film”

  1. No, I do not think so. Every idea we ever present will in some way be swayed or governed by our worldview/biases/opinions. Some people even say that history is bias because it was usually written by the victors. Have we ever really had a historical account of WWII written by a former Nazi soldier publically distributed? Nope. Interesting. This is important to remember when watching any film or contemplating any information that we come in contact with.

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