Graduation songs

With finals and graduation coming up, I thought about my own high school graduation. During the final weeks of high school, us seniors were expected to pick a class song to sing at graduation. As usual, Graduation by Vitamin C came up as well as other well known graduation songs. So I thought to myself, Where is there so few songs dealing with graduation? Are the lyricists and musicians so lazy that they can’t come up with more graduation songs so that there will more variety?


4 Responses to “Graduation songs”

  1. angielee777 Says:

    i think that there are kind of a lot of songs…but they are old songs and re-used over and over….some are “the land before time” song…and i know a lot of school sing “lean on me”, “good times together,” “time of your life” and even the “friends are friends forever” song. But i agree…reused and redone over and over.

  2. Maybe musicians don’t want to write about graduation because it is in the past for them. I think artist like to write about what they are dealing with, and most artist are not 18 year old high school students getting ready to graduate. Graduation is done and in the past, most of them probably want to move forward.

  3. No need for graduation songs…song writers write on issues that concern their life in the present. of course they have songs that reflect on their past but a topic like high school graduation is so small in the whole frame of things that an artist concerns themselves with.

  4. You know with the busy schedule of selling sex who has the time to make graduation songs. And it comes down to money, the big seller is the love songs or with r&b and hip hop the (shaking of the money maker). With all of this work who has time for graduation songs.

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