Games are games, movies are movies

This topic is kinda old, but I had some thoughts on it. I don’t believe that movies and games will ever become the same. There have been attempts over the years to do this, and there are many elements of cinema within video games but the two are destined to be two separate entities. The main reason behind this is because of the fact that the two are completely different things. Sure both allow you an escape from reality. An experience that goes above life, but movies are made to be an escape from reality you have no control over, while the video game is an escape from reality that you have a degree of control over. Sometimes people want to have control, and sometimes they want to just go with the ride. Games like MGS4, Xenosaga, and Assassins Creed all share a lot of similarities with movies in terms of themes and the way they deliver the experience, but this is the farthest that this will go. Games are meant to be played, and movies are meant to be watched.


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