F-word Challenge!

As has been pointed out by other people, the f-word is becoming increasingly prominent in conversations of people today.  I was really confused how one word could be used in so many contexts.  So I went and looked it up just to double check and make sure I knew exactly what it meant.  And yes, it means intercourse.  The origin of the word is debatable.  Some say that back in the olden days when you were excommunicated from the church you were given the label of “Forever Under Carnal Knowledge” (ie: living in sin whether that be committing adultery or whatever) and eventually they started abbreviating  it F.U.C.K.  That is one theory.  But despite how it came about, today it means intercourse.  As I have been reading the blog and watching movies, I have noticed that it is used out of context almost 90% of the time.  Now outside of the fact people think it is a bad word, I think it just sounds stupid.  Think about it, if you put what it means in its place, “Who the ‘intercourse’ do you think you are!?!”  Doesn’t make sense.  It makes about as much sense as putting pineapple there.  “Who the ‘pineapple’ do you think you are!?!”  So here is my challenge, a mission actually, and EASY mission: every time you want to use the f-word (unless you are actually using it to mean intercourse) put something better, and if you can’t think of something that fits better, put pineapple.  This gives you lots of options:

Pineapple (which would be the f-word)

Pineappler (translates as f-er)

Pineappling (translates f-ing)

Mother Pineappler (I hope you get the idea now)


Good luck!  J


3 Responses to “F-word Challenge!”

  1. alamoluck007 Says:

    yeah but then all those pineplers who hate swearing are going to crack down on new word! we would have to underground and develop new words constantly to throw them off and give us the edge… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  2. thekingofeurope Says:

    yeah, fuck that.

  3. herewithnoone Says:

    What the cheese?
    I hate that cheeser!
    Cheese you.
    That cheesing cat
    That mother cheeser

    What the puppy?
    I hate that puppy-er…?
    Puppy you.
    That puppying cat
    That mother puppy-er

    lol, reminds me of PETA trying to rename the fish as sea kittens because “Nobody would hurt a sea kitten!”

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