Do you remember?



Why do we have to be reminded of those who once were our idols?  There were times when those in the pictures above were everywhere: the news, the radio, the internet (for some).  But now we hardly ever think about them.  The media does a good job of saturating us with information and news about people whose entertainment they want us to consume.  It is scary that our attention and devotion can change at a drop of a hat.  Do you think that today’s generation had been conditioned like this because of the onslaught of entertainment and information that in available?


P.S. The guy in the top picture is Bobby Sherman, a teen idol singer in the 60’s/70’s.  Fame is fleeting…


3 Responses to “Do you remember?”

  1. alamoluck007 Says:

    dude i looked at the last picture and was like “who the fuck is that?” HOLY SHIT ITS JASMINE TRIAZ (or however you spell her name) Dude she lived in my city and came to my work place and went to our prom and shit and i still didnt recognize her. Guess your right, not in the media, not in our minds…

  2. The reason they are forgotten is because they dont do anything anymore. So they wouldnt be remembered. Thats like me wondering why I am not on the mind of all of America. It is the media that gives them the exposure and keeps them “alive”.

  3. At least the media is being nice by reminding the public of these people…I would expect the media to not care after their career has ended, and people forgot about them.
    Or would that mean the media is actually bringing them up for a specific reason? aka to recall an embarrassing moment, and point out that someone shouldn’t do that, etc.

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