Cartoon Reality TV Shows

Cartoons are also releasing their own reality tv shows


2 Responses to “Cartoon Reality TV Shows”

  1. hypercritical808 Says:

    I don’t know if the Total drama island cartoon is considered “lack of creativity.”

    But rather, the opposite. In its defense, the idea has never been done before (where have you ever seen another reality-tv cartoon show?) and it’s just trying to figure out what’s hip with the kids today.

    You’ve got shows like DOG EAT DOG, FEAR FACTOR, of course these kinds of shows are hip with the kids: because they involve eating gross things, doing things out of the norm, and there’s always that competitive feel (a lot more with the boys vs girls notion).

    Sure the shows aren’t appealing to you, but think about the next generation of kids. If seeing their cartoon-counterparts barfing, talk about shopping as if they were Sweet Valley Girl-lians, or be a parody of Napolean Dynamite makes them interested in tuning in… all means, they will make these cartoons to make ratings go up despite affecting their morals or actually teaching them anything.

  2. herewithnoone Says:

    Drawn Together came before Total Drama Island so the idea of a reality cartoon show has been done before.
    Sure it has some originality being the first animated reality show, but it still is copying the story structure of a regular reality show.
    I actually enjoy Total Drama Island and sometimes Drawn Together because they are parodying reality tv shows, which I happen to enjoy.

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