WTF?! (candy mountain!!!)

Watch and let your brain cells fry! Many people say this isn’t funny but you should decide for yourself…

The people who made this may be on drugs (how could they not?!) but it still doesn’t take away from the fact that this is art, and these people should be considered artists for their work. Just because you don’t think it’s funny doesn’t mean it is not art… It just means you need to hit the pipe a little more…


9 Responses to “WTF?! (candy mountain!!!)”

  1. Haha that is so disturbing.

  2. herewithnoone Says:

    Lol, i remember my cousin showing me this but everyone I showed it to did not find it funny at all…i guess me and my cousin have a weird sense of humor. the creators had to be high on something to have made this video. and most people’s first impression of me think that i am high so i automatically find this hilarious.
    the song reminds me of south park (the voice)

  3. I love this video, mostly because the two irritating unicorns remind me of my roommate that showed it to me and Charlie reminds me of myself when he showed it to me.
    Anyways, I knew this video got out of hand when I saw a CANDY MOUNTAIN shit in hot topic (I hate hot topic)

  4. meitanteibilly Says:

    This is so old, but a classic. Did you know they made a sequel? I think the reason the video is liked so much is because many people either make these kinds of jokes with their friends or know people in real life like the two unicorns. I don’t think they were high though. If you get a bunch of guys together and they start poking fun at each other and are in a silly mood you get ideas similar to this all of the time.

  5. I didn’t know that there was a SEQUEL! As soon as i read that I jumped on youtube! here is the link

  6. this is a wtf type of funny. i guess i like it cause its so unexpected. i was just thinking i hope that one day i can laugh at something so much that i pee my pants.

  7. wtf humor is a good way to put it. The Youtube type of medium is the only way that we will ever get to see this. I can’t think of any other way it would get broadcasted besides the internet.

  8. tigerlilly22 Says:

    i love it. saw it along time ago and its great

  9. It is cute, would probably work on a younger demographic best but this should be considered art. I mean some people consider tossing paint on a canvas as art and some even sells for prices that could pay off my student loans. But in a world that encompasses so many styles and art forms it is defiantly art, maybe can classify it as modern art since modern work is usually just free from and what the artist likes and wishes to encompass.

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