Women in sports

Everybody knows there are different sports for different genders.
For example. football is mainly a male dominated sport. If women want to play football, they can’t go play with the boys, they have to play “powder puff” because they’re too fragile for real football. I honestly think this is a load of crap.



On the other end, there are sports mostly dominated by women, but men are still openly allowed to participate in. An example that comes to mind is that of figure skating. When people think of figure skating, they think of girls in short, tight, sparkly outfits, not guys skating. If people see male figure skaters, they automatically jump to conclusions and say “oh well he’s probably gay” like no straight guy would ever be caught skating. Well why is that?


Mission: Go online and find different images, video, or blogs about  female as well as male athletes. How much do the views vary? Are they very equally viewed? If female athletes are seen as butch or manly or etc, explain why.  Why do we view people differently if they do the same thing?

4 Responses to “Women in sports”

  1. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6812168/

    I remember seeing this girl in magazines when I was a teenager- her articles were always about how much of a pioneer she was to play high school football AND be good at it.

    And then a few years ago I read about what happened to her when she reached college. I wondered what happened when she stopped appearing in girly magazines as a teenager, and the above article shows why.

  2. angielee777 Says:

    yeah…i agree about women not being able to play football and having to have powder puff football as alternative instead. So I found this womens football league that goes on after the NFL, they play by the same rules as the NFL, it’s pretty nuts. i wrote a blog on it “mission: Women that play football” it’s pretty crazy watching them play. hopefully this will grow in popularity…good-bye powderpuff football…

  3. alamoluck007 Says:

    Im sorry but im a huge football fan and I know women just don’t have what it takes to play in the NFL. The Nfl has no problem with putting anyone in and would actually be esstatic to have a women play football, the only problem is the best women football players put up HORRIBLE numbers in the combine. The fastes women was running the 40 at 5 seconds flat! For those who don’t understand, those big fat guys you see playin on the line in the NFL can run that fast. The fastes time for a man was almost 4 seconds! The strength was even worse! The strongest men in the NFL can bench 225 pounds about 40-50 times. The strongest women in the IWFL had only 30 reps… at ONLY 150 POUNDS! The fact is women just cant compete against men who weigh 250 pounds at 6’4 running the 40 at 4.5 seconds, benching 225 pounds 35 times. The NFL would love nothing more to see a women do it even for publicity sake, but its just not realistic…

  4. I think it’s just due to the gender-roles assigned to us in our society, i.e. Men are expected to play contact sports whereas women are expected to do non-contact sports such as ballet and ice skating.

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