THE GREATEST (didnt even make it on the high school team…)

MJ was the greats and I do agree he destroyed the game. Every great player from here till the end of time will be compared to him. No one will ever be claimed to be as good or better. Trust me, such talk would be blasphemous. The point this commercial makes though is great. Even Mike suffered. Did you know he didn’t make the high school team? Kind of hard to believe, but from that point on he took it seriously and never looked back. That’s why I thought it was kinda neat how they showed his high school from back in the day. Clear proof that the media can help to sustain the ideology that if you work hard, you can be the greatest…


One Response to “THE GREATEST (didnt even make it on the high school team…)”

  1. Well this is very true about hard work, I think it is always important for athletes or people with the spot light on them to share that they struggled and fell but got up and kept on pushing, it is a very important message because so many of young people grow up thinking its a lucky break that gets these people to where they are. Which if it does happen is one in a trillion. This shows that the ones who made it are the ones that did the things others didnt want to do and puched themselves. Success should never be thought of as a destination but a journey. This is even evident in movies and television stars, many of which graduated from top prestigious schools such as Meryl Streep, Don Schedle, Denzel Washington, and Hugh Jackman all of which went to university to harness there craft and perfect their media. This subject of ard work is very important becuase not everything can be placed on a prayer alone.

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