The Dark Knight + Bail out = funny (Ledger lives on)

With little technology and an inventive mind, people have been creating their own satirical works of art. Youtube has given us a platform other then the general media to now share these works within a large worldwide community. People can now make us laugh and give their own political insight on global opinions. This is what artists can do with the right tools.


3 Responses to “The Dark Knight + Bail out = funny (Ledger lives on)”

  1. This is another of those put together creative ideas that have such great flow. The way the editor edited the scene from the Dark Knight, and putting Bush into the T.V, worked. Every camera change created the same type of flow as the original scene did.
    I’ll be honest, when I first saw P. Bush in that t.v..I chuckled.
    You can be amazed at what people can do with simple edit programs that aren’t hard to find or buy.

  2. tigerlilly22 Says:

    I love when people do these things i think there so funny and great and when they go so well with whats going on in the scene makes it that much better

  3. hypercritical808 Says:

    I agree with you. It doesn’t take a million dollar studio to make a master piece.

    Even Monks can make art with recyclables:

    as film makers, i think it’s our duty to present stories, and in a way it’s not a process, but an art. Art is what shapes our society and culture. It is what characterizes our people.

    Look at pop culture and the kind of art that makes us Americans. Superman comics, Top Gun the movie, Tom Clancy books, jazz, the list goes on.

    Art doesn’t take money or anything expensive to make, it just takes effort, heart, and a piece of you into it. When we make films, a part of us goes into making it too.

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