Running out of ideas … how to make a quick buck

In today’s world there’s a tremendous lack of creativity and we are not fueled by our desire to create new ideas, but to adapt and reflect on the past …. and rehash them to make a quick buck.

Looking at most movies nowdays, there’s at least one or two movies every month that is a book adaptation or a remake of an older movie. Sure the market is good money for things remade, but it’s the newer, and original movies that win the awards.

I thought WallE and Bolt made a pretty good point when they were competing with films like Love Guru (even though they didn’t say it was a remake, there’s a similar version called “the Guru) or Twighlight.

The trend of rehashing things to make a quick buck can even be found in video games.  How many Lego video game adaptations do we need on movies?

Looking at some games, they’ve divided them into gendered packages too.  Pokemon and Megaman games are a good example. In these games, you have an option to choose your gender … again, this is done to make a quick buck. I mean, put gender options in a Megaman game … seriously??

I guess another reason behind the “gender packaging” is to give an equal sense of gender for the games. I not exactly sure how to phrase it so I’ll explain:  When a girl wants to play with boy’s toys and vice versa their peers will tease them, or call them gay. For example, if a guy played with Barbie dolls or an easy bake, his peers would most likely call him a fruitcake. But if there was a guy version of it, I doubt the results would be a  a hundred percent the same.

In essence, companies manufacture for “gendered packages” for a couple of reasons:

1. To target more kids, make more money

2. Make more personal connections with their gender identity and exploit it (wouldn’t it rock if you were saving the world as Superman rather than Supergirl if you were a guy?).

The products we create in today’s society aren’t given the time and quality needed to make something excellent.  Rather, they are rushed to the holiday seasons to make a quick buck.

Can you guys find any other examples where products are adapting from other works, or done quickly to make cash fast? Or find more reasoning behind “gendered packaging?”


5 Responses to “Running out of ideas … how to make a quick buck”

  1. The new pokemon games, I know they allowed the pick of being female for all the girls that played the game, but Megaman..? That I didn’t know of..
    As far as the Lego series, I’m surprised people enjoy that type of game, even though they played thousands of other remakes of the same type of movie(aka Star Wars).

  2. There running out of ideas for the pokemon. The new pokemon they are making look retarded and dumb compared to the old ones. the names they give them are pretty ridiculous also.

  3. angielee777 Says:

    i think also the power rangers aren’t the same like before with kimberly-pink ranger, trini-yellow ranger, zack-black ranger, etc… now it’s just not the same..

  4. herewithnoone Says:

    Dynasty Warriors! I enjoy the hack and slash, but every new installment doesnt change a lot from the previous one.

  5. meitanteibilly Says:

    Rather than running out of ideas, becoming lame, etc. I think that it has always been similarly lame but they make us nostalgic. The reason they aren’t as popular now is probably because the tastes of kids change with the times. What appealed to us as youths doesnt appeal to todays youth and the media can’t move on. The only old thing that I think still has widespread appeal to kids is Sesame Street.

    I think that they allowed a female character in pokemon for the guys who play it. Throughout most of the people I know, the female is more popular with the males and the male character is more popular with the females

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