re: plastic fans?

I dont think illegally downloading an artist’s music makes you a fake follower. As long as you really do enjoy their music, then you are a true follower. Sure artists complain about people downloading their music illegally but their fans are tempted to this media that lets them listen to their favorite artists music for free. Its kind of like how people do crazy things for the ones they love even though the lover thinks they are crazy for doing whatever they did. or a sightly better example, you and your best friend always plan to meet up but everytime you’re about to go, your crush/gf/bf wants to hang out with you. of course some will stay committed to their first plan, but a lot will be tempted to hang with their crush. Your friend might complain about you flakin on him/her everytime but it doesnt make you a fake friend. both you you are great friends but temptation is just so…tempting.


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