Of Big Birds and F-Bombs

Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court took a break from twiddling their thumbs to review whether the FCC should be able to fine networks over “fleeting expletives.”  In question were mainly statements “accidentally” uttered by celebrities on live TV: Cher dismissing her critics by saying “fuck ’em” at an awards show, Nicole Richie explaining that something was “not that fucking simple,” and Bono accepting an award by saying it was “really fucking amazing.”

In transcripts that read like a deadpan comedy hour, the justices ponder aloud the damaging effects of curse words without ever actually using them.  At one point, however, the solicitor stressed that profanities on TV was no laughing matter and that without proper regulation, it could lead to “Big Bird dropping the F-bomb on Sesame Street.”


Guys, where are we as a society?  Can we say swear words in passing without any damaging effect?  Are we still upset, shocked, and damaged by these words?  Are we slowly descending into amorality, one f-bomb at a time?  Or is this just much ado about nothing?


2 Responses to “Of Big Birds and F-Bombs”

  1. i think that the subject of swear words (“bad words”) is very touchy. the very reason that people make a big deal out of it is the fuel for them to be so profane in the first place. i think that the people of today’s world have the power to phase these words out of the language in favor for more appropriate words. the reason that these words are so bad is because there i usually much anger and hatred tied with the use of them.

  2. I dont think you can just erase a word. There is a possibility to change the meaning though. Like the word gay for example has a completely different meaning than it did years ago.

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