there was an article in CNN that talks about scientist who successfully recreated out-of-body experiences.  It say that, “Dr Ehrsson told CNN that his study has already caught the eye of virtual reality researchers and video game developers. “Creating virtual reality avatars in games where you really feel it’s you would give a much stronger feeling of presence in the virtual world.”

Yay new entertainment!


2 Responses to “obe”

  1. that is a little bit crazy. i have seen this movie it is called eXistense or something like that it is about a gamer who does the same type of game play, but everything goes wrong , the characters in the game start doing some crazy thing to each other and no one knows if they are actually still playing the game or back to reality. I think that this kind of new technology is interesting but, think that they need to know what kind of psychological effects it can leave on the brain.

  2. meitanteibilly Says:

    This would be completely awesome for games. But bad for society. Imagine if this replaced TV. If everyone in the world was connected, along with the fact that research on remote controlling a body is coming along the ones in charge or the scientists could create a world of mindless drones completely under their control.

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