Model Behavior?

This girl, called the new Kate Moss, Alice Dellal, made headlines this year when this photo surfaced. She’s only 21, born in 1987. Shes an heiress to a multi-billion dollar estate and is dating Mick Jagger’s son. Her best friend is a Princess.

Notice the DVD case, the hollow tube, the credit card, and the white powder- I wonder what that is?

Are models just as important as the fashion they’re sporting in photographs and runways?
Is this what’s really behind all that glamour- drug riddled bodies??
Your opinion?


4 Responses to “Model Behavior?”

  1. angielee777 Says:

    hm…i think that the model will represent the company they wear…so for this model, whoever sees this image will now look at a photo of her and think of this image. I think the models are pretty important…i mean when you look at any famous model, and they have some tabloid on them, wouldn’t you think that when you see them?

  2. tigerlilly22 Says:

    I think its rediculous that kate moss who is still a famous model it confuses me why a company would want someone to model for them who is known for do many hard core drugs

  3. meitanteibilly Says:

    They dont sign her off because she still makes them money despite everything. For buisness it doesn’t matter how dirty the reputation, as long as they make money.

  4. I think this post is aweful and you are representing a majorly dumb, judgemental, and uninformed thought. Why do you have to generalize things about models as if they are some other breed you are talking about, what they do or what they eat or how they live. I would say the variety in people who are considered under the profession of model is probably more vast than those who are doctors or those who are biologists or something. It’s a job, usually one lasting a couple of years. It’s a job that takes a tremendous amount of work and networking, multitasking, improving, handling pressures, etc. Most models aren’t just found off the streets and suddenly put onto a runway or in front of a camera for money- that’s another myth. The majority work at it, beginning at young ages, come from all sorts of backgrounds, many poor and severe conditions- other wealthy, and they start building their own portfolios and trying to meet professionals and reach their way up and convince people to give them chances. It’s highly competitive and though yes some models of course live up to aweful stereotypes, the majority live more disciplined and pure lives than many other people- aside from dancers and pro athletes because their job requires constant travel, being responsible for getting a decent amount of sleep for image and being at a certain number of meetings a day with a positive and alluring attitude, a tough dailly excercise regimend, constant transformation for different projects, and drinking a lot of alcohol makes you look older, gain weight, not be productive the next day, etc. and drugs are all even worse … so with that being said please know there are sooo many rules that models must follow and place upon themselves and obviously the majority of them aren’t constant coke-heads. .. this is too long I’ll just write a post about this…

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